July 8th, 2004

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Who am I to say "no" to programs that spew out potentially embarrassing things about other people?

What you didn't know about your friends.
LJ Username  
sells nude pictures of themselves on the internet hyperseth
Is secretly selling your entries to a publishing company vehemently
Is deeply in love with you acidik
Is really not the gender they claim to be. amadruadaboleyn
Is actually Britney Spears miss_plini
Is actually a spy gathering info for your ex. voideity
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So I see on Fark that they are coming out with Police Academy 8. Yes, 8. As in somehing like 5 or 6 too many.

If they are going to do these needly sequels, why not do something I want to see. (Yes, this is all about me, so shut up.) I want a Ghostbusters 3. Is that so much to ask? Some good ol' proton pack fun?

Though, knowing how Hollywood likes to screw up great ideas like this, they would probably make it starring Jackie Chan. Oh, how my head hurts at the thought. (Then the would have to follow that up, still with Jackie Chan, but this time fighting asian demons in Hong Kong... I think the pain just went up a notch.)
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Is it just me, or does SpicePlay's logo look like she has an alien third-arm/tenticle she's uncovering instead of a breast?

OMG!!! Maybe it's a secret cthulhu sex site!!!!