August 2nd, 2004

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With the Olympics AND the elections coming up, and remembering a strong tradition of cheesy comedy movies or tv shows we have.

Here is the challange, pick characters from comedy movies you would like to have as your olympic quality Dream Team for the President and the White House Cabinet Memebers (Full list of the current members can be found here:, and related posts.

President: Fletch (Fletch, Chevy Chase)
Vice President: Happy Gilmore (Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler)
Attorney General: Inspector Clouseau (The Pink Panther, Peter Sellers)
Secretary of Defense: WOPR (Wargames)
Secretary of State: Black Adder (Black Adder, Rowan Atkinson)
Secretary of Energy: Mork (Mork and Mindy, Robin Williams)
Secretary of Homeland Security: Dr. Strangelove (Dr. Strange Love, Peter Sellers)
Office of National Drug Control Policy: Raul Duke (Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas, Johnny Depp)
CIA Directory: Mr. Roper (Threes Company, Norman Fell)

That's what I have so far. See what you can come up with.
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Let me just say, "I HATE tweakers!!!!!"

I also dislike being mislead, or my services offered with out me being consulted.

Mike asked me to help move some stuff from his old apartment to his new one, and when we get to the old one, it seems I was "volunteered" to help move a bed and stuff to their new place too, or rather her brothers place in the same complex. Which, as she got her brothers address wrong, we walking into someone elses apartment. No one home, door unlocked. WTF? One trusting apartment complex. I'm just glad the owner wasn't there, half asleep, and with a gun in arms reach. Anyway, we finish there, and as I'm helping Mike pack his stuff up, a couple trweakers are hanging out around my truck, so I end up having to stand gaurd while the stuff get's carried up.
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So, am I the only one disappointed that Slashdot's current quiz, "You favorite loop," doesn't include "GOTO" as an option? Come on guys, GOTO is the grandfather of all loops!
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So, today is the anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. One that in hind sight almost all the senators that approved it wished they hadn't.

But once again Congress approved a similar resolution after 9/11. In the shock and pain in those days, and with a fear of being labeled unpatriotic, it was decreed that the President could wage war on terrorism anywhere he saw fit, with not standards of proof needed.

I think we will look back and say the war in Afghanistan achieved most of it's goals and there was a very provable terrorist presence, but that Iraq will be cited as how the resolution was misused.

This is why I am curious as to what people think reasonable justification is. And with the question of reasonable justification, how to you measure it? Is it lives lost? Potential of lives lost? Threats to neighbors and friendly nations? Threats to civilian across the globe?

In many cases, I think the international war on terror might be better managed by the UN if it was properly funded and supplied, but as the U.S. owes the UN billions, and many other nations don't pay their dues, how can this organization to preserve world peace do it's job?

That brings up another question of the U.N. security council, if they do more to hurt or help the credibility and effectiveness of the UN.