August 4th, 2004

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I heard today that PGE (I think it was PGE) is going to destroy two of their dams on the Snake River. It seems the dams are to old to be profitable or upgraded, so they will be destroying them to return the fish runs to a natural state.


I'm wondering destroying them means stuffing them full of explosives and waking people up in china or just pulling it apart with bulldozers. If it's the option involving the very loud boom(s), are spectators allowed? If so, who wants to go with me to see some people with a very cool job seriously fuck some shit up? :-)

[Edit: Here is the news link:]
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So it seems Boise Inc., one of the largest paper makers in the US is selling all their forest lands, paper mills, etc.

Is this because of the strong showing of Kerry, who is enviromentally friendly?

It will be interesting to see, based on who a company thinks will win the election, what companies are selling off thier enviromentally questionable branches and which will be buying and expanding.

There is a lot riding on this election for the enviroment, and those whole either support it for destroy it.

This is something I have wondered for a while. As there is no such thing as a perpetual motion device in physics, economics or anywhere else, how long can closed systems run?

If the world was completely cut off from raw resources and was force to only work off of recycling thing, due to the fact that there is always some sort of loss, how long could civilization stand? Mind you the earth is one huge recycling system, but we are exceeding it's limits and there could very well be a catastropic failure in the future.

Economies are built on the practice of taking cheap raw materials and then producing more expensive manufactures good and creating a profit. As raw material become scarcer and scarcer, with a new ecomony need to be forged some how?
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Gay Marriage and America.

I am all for gay marriage. I think this is a decision consenting adults should be able to make. But it is also good for our national debt.

"Our national debt," you ask?

Yes. As married couples are taxed more that two single adults. I guess the idea is a couple shares a lot of things, so they have more disposable income to send to the government. Just think of those thousands of people just waiting to tie the knot and hand over more cash to Uncle Sam. If anything, I think marriage should be even easier. Polygamy? Great, even higher taxes!!!! You know all those priests and nuns married to God? Cha-Ching! Lets have the state recognize and tax that too. I know it's lonely out in rural America, so if you want to marry your chicken, it's alright by me, just ante up and pay off the taxes! This will get the national debt paid off in no time!

So do your part to help America, find some random person on the street and get hitched. We need your money.

The message brought to you by, "The Commity for Adam's Debt Relief Plan".

This is Adam Harrison, and I approve this message.
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Wow!!! This is my 4001st post.

I've been posting 1276 days.

That's 3.13557993730407523510 posts per day (pretty damn close to pi. Maybe the movie was right...).

I'm taking bets on when I read 5000, and taking bribes to ensure a winner. ;)
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Ganked from divamatrix:


Part of being on is inevitably gaining a number of LJ buddies. Unfortunately, as time wears on, it's easy to forget where all of them came from. Post this in your journal and have your friends respond with how they recall first meeting you.
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I saw this on damnportlanders and thought it was cute, in a pormo sort of way...

If I ever made a porno I'd rate it XOXOXOX and make sure there was lots and lots of hugging.

Cuddle porn, the new "alt-porn".
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Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his sixth Tour de France title!!!!

Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his sixth Tour de France title. This is an outrage. Only in France could this happen!!!

All bikers unite!

There was an article in a Paris newspaper stating that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his sixth Tour de France title.

In a random check, three substances were found in Lance Armstrong's hotel that are banned by the French:

toothpaste, deodorant, and soap.