September 14th, 2004

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So.. What is the privacy statement of Gmail?

This part of a conversation I was reading has me wondering:

Yeah, I was being a bit facetious, but truth be told, I'm a bit wary of Google's sudden commercial turn. They've got the resources (information) to become a serious threat to personal privacy (McCarthy would have killed for the type of data-mining Orkut gets people to volunteer for: "Are you or have you ever been... oh never mind, I'll just check Orkut"). They've got your networks of friends and now they've got your correspondence with those friends. No doubt benign (just another company trying to turn a profit), but the *potential* for abuse is simply too huge too ignore. While I doubt the *current* regime at Google is really interested in abusing that information, all it takes is a subpoena or a merger (or even a hacker - I wonder how much corporate spies would like to get their hands on Google's data) to change everything. Given the nature of Google, I suspect that email archives will live for quite some time after deletion by gmail users (days, months, years? Their privacy policy doesn't really say) and in fact might possibly outlive the current state of affairs. I'm not comfortable with that.

I guess to sum it up, I'm concerned that Google's information resources could easily be turned from indexing the web to indexing individuals. Their termination of accounts on Orkut of individuals who preferred to remain anonymous certainly doesn't allay my concerns much.

You might want to check before you use it for private or marketable information.
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Your LJ Halloween Party by cerulean_dreams
What are you going to be for Halloween?
Dressed up as a Vampiredasium
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Dressed up as a Pirate111466
Wore a Catwoman outfitkaeln
Dressed up as Dr. Frankenfurterhepkitten
Spiked the Punchehash
Is coming after you with a real knifemortalcity
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I've got some lovely business card paper and an ink jet printer. I can make something like 16 or 24 unique business cards per sheet.

We had this same set up at AT&T Labs, where you just printed your own, so you could do your own jobs titles and stuff. So I did a different job title per card, and then flipped it over and did a big picture covering the whole back of the sheet, so you would have to collect the whole set to have the picture. The picture and job titles like "Director of Q. A. Deptment of Pornography at AT&T labs" made for lovely lunch room conversation.

As I have a bunch of these sheets again, I would like to make some greeting cards. But instead of a picture on the back, I would like to have little testimonials about me on the back. But to do this I need testimonials.

This is where you come in. Please comment here with testimonials you would make up about me. Anonymous posting is allowed. Hopefully I can print them out intime for the festivities this weekend (keeping in mind I leave Thursday morning).

At last count I was on 216 friends list, I'm sure between all of you I can get enough testimonials. If your creative juices are flowing, feel free to submit multiple testimonials.