October 11th, 2004

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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How I'm voting, and what I'm still undecided on...

President: Kerry
Bush is a menace. We need sanity in the whitehouse.

Congress: Wu
Ameri Goli, from her past statements is republi-bush clone, so David Wu has my vote.

Full info on the measures canbe found here: http://www.sos.state.or.us/elections/nov22004/g04_meas.html

Measure 31: Authorizes postponing an election if a nominee for the office dies.

I think on one level this is fair. On another, I think the election season is FAR too long, and I can see some fifth party unknown having a heart attack, and the second place canidate using that as a reason to have more time to drum up votes.

Measure 32: Deletes motor homes from provision dealing with taxes and fees on motor homes.

Mobile homes are treated as temporary houseing under the law, and need license plates and stuff. This changes that to recognize mobile homes as long term housing.

Measure 33: Raises the legal limit for marijauna for patients authorized to have it, plus a bunch of other pro pot stuff...

I think it should be treated like alcohol, and this is one step closer to that day.

Mearure 34: Balanced manage forest care.

This ensures that while the forest service is kissing the lumber industry's ass, the state will do their own evaluation to ensure quality of life for residents, wildlife, water, etc before any cutting is allowed.

Measure 35: Limits noneconomic damages from malpracitce.

Insurance companies and HMO's are fighting for this, and lawyers are fighting against it. I have heard nothing from consumer groups on this. If we pass it, medical costs go down, but with the possibly penilties going down, they can afford to be sloppy and health care quality could very likely go down. If this had a "three strikes" type law against doctors who commite malpractice three times in a certain time span, I would be for it. But it doesn't so I'm undecided.

Measure 36: Make marriage defined as only for one man and one woman (which two out of the whole state, I'm not sure).

This is plan and simple bigotry. Homophobia is the racism of the 21st century.

Measure 37: If the state reclassifies land use rules and it lowers a persons property value, the must pay the land owner the difference or forgo the reclassification.

This measure sort of makes sense, so the state can't screw people my rezoning, etc. But I think they should not beable to pick and choose which properties to enforce the rules and forgo them.

Measure 38: Abolish SAIF (State Accident Insurance Fund)
SAIF is fucked. But if the enrgy and other PUC's or examples of privitization, I'm against it.