April 7th, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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NPR, Fresh Air I believe, has restarted an old Edward R. Murrow (sp?) show. In the time of McCarthyism, people began to feel afraid to express their feelings and beliefs. In response to this growing fear Mr. Murrow started a show called "This I Believe". Little 5 minute piece where people from all walks of life and levels of fame would do short essays and their most deeply held beliefs. Fresh Air is restarting this show, and so far it has been very engaging. It's been interesting enough that I would like to do the same thing here. I would love to hear what each of you believe. If you are shy ip logging is disabled and anonymous posts are allowed.

I will start things with a deeply held belief I have.

I believe in social karma. Everytime you meet up with an old friend it is a relationship reincarnated, and your past actions will color that meeting. Like wise your actions will color how you act toward others. People will pick up on your warmth and energy and that will want to share their life with you, even in passing.

I think that bad things we do will come back to haunt us. But sometimes bad things do happen without deserving it, and those times present opertunity to strengthen yourself and grow, and perhaps allow others to build on their good karma helping you.

I believe being a good person can get you through life.

This I believe.