April 30th, 2005

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Experiments in airflow...

One of my biggest complaints about my truck is the horrible gas mileage. It's 14-15mpg. I get about 250 miles a tank and I pay $40 to fill it.

As you can imagine, this really bites.

So in an effort to do what I can to improve the mileage I got a K&R filter so I can get more airflow. And later today I will be getting some fuel injector cleaner. I've got around 75k on the truck and the injectors have never been cleaned.

And as a reminder for all of you, one of the leading causes of poor fuel effenciency and SUV roll over is improperly inflated tires. May is "Tire Awareness Month" and it is recommended you check your tire pressure every 1000 miles or so. Maximum P.S.I should be listed on your tire.