June 17th, 2005

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Weird... My posts seem to have my correct time zone adjusted time, but comments seem to be bizarro time.

Take http://www.livejournal.com/users/adameros/1260862.html for example. The post was made at 4:22 last night. But my comment in response to brokenchains was made at 6:24, but lj it was made at 8:24pm, as in 14 hours in the future.

The time on the computers I post from are just fine.

Anyone else experiencing the time warp?
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The best way to simulate old tattooes?

If you were to try to go for a realist tattoo look in a picture, how would you do it?

Right now I'm thinking some sort of pen, but it would need to not bleed like a lot of pens to, then possibly go over the image again with a blue pen in the dark areas, and then a light dusting of skin colored powder (rogue?) to soften the image slightly and give it an "under the skin" look.

Any advice on this project?
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Initial thoughts on tags... A cool idea that needs work.

Things I hope Tags get's as the service matures:
  • I wish you could edit tags from an page showing the tags instead of only on the "leave comment" page.
  • Ownership of tags. I wish the post owner could see who made the tag and only the post or tag owner could edit or remove a tag (much like posts or comments).
  • When you update a tag you over write the whole thing and that is stupid. The interface for adding and removing tags should be like the interace for custom friends lists.
  • Notification of tags would be nice. That way I can get email telling me what tag was added/removed from a post. If someone is putting a bunch of "douche bag" tags on all my posts, it would warn me so I can restrict access to tag editing.

I'm sure as I use it some other ideas will come to mind.

Another idea came to mind...