July 7th, 2005

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I'm very glad no one I know was hurt in the London blasts.

I now wonder what England's response will be. Will they be like Spain and back out of the Iraq war? Will this strengthen England's resolve to see the war won?

How long until terrorist groups again strike on American soil? What could/should we do to make sure this does not happen again?
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Poll #527747 Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go to, and why?

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More London bombing pondering and how it would be if it happened here.

I wonder, if there was another attack here if that would bring about a draft. What would terrorists have to do to make you support the war on terror, or possibly even enlist in the armed services to fight terrorists?

Our forces are under manned, and recruitement is just getting harder as Iraq drones on. I do expect a draft. Due to the unmber of non-combat positions needed to support the fighting force, part of me expects the draft to make the only restictions be, "are you over 18," and "can you pass the physical." The military has be come extremely technical over the years and it needs technical, educated profesional to support the troops. I suspect that a future draft would like to have a lot of 18-35 year old infrantry and a bunch of 35-50 years old doctors, engineers, communications, and comupter/networking experts.

If a draft comes and you are selected, would you serve or run?
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If you are interested in classic cars/motorcycles and/or racing, this weekend is the Portland Historic Races out at the PIR.

It’s a fun day in the sun.

If you come out, I’ll be in the Gutenfest Car Club Corral or sitting near the chicane (with a photo pass!!! Woo Hoo!!!).

The Portland Historic Races website:

Here are some pictures from last years event:
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Yet more pondering of the London bombing... Given how times of changed, I wonder what they former (current?) IRA members are saying. If they are hurt and angered with the rest of us, or cheering.