August 1st, 2005

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Sorry Honey, the ledger is not in your favor...

Fighting Trouser tyranny...

Ummm.... Enough to make one puke... :-(

Long lost cartoons...

I can't place it, but something is very wrong with these... (Though they would be handy around birthday time...)

You mean rug burn isn't sexy?

Warm, but unfortunately not waterproof...

And because no one gets tired of stupid criminals...

notsuchapatriot, if it work for Jimi Hendrix....,2933,164231,00.html
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I leave for Peru in a month and a half and I wonder if I should bring my resume.

When I went to Thailand, I was engaged to to be married and turned down a job offer. With in a couple months the engagement was off and I wish I had taken the offer.

When I was last in Peru, the Cuzco office of Southwest Bell was hiring sysadmins and lay offs were happening back at home, but I was in a commited relationship, so I didn't apply.

Now I am single, just contracting, with little hope of being hired due to a hiring freeze. Is it time to become an expatriot?

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When planning to destroy the world with nuclear weapons, make sure you have the right yeild for the target...

From what I've found online, to help give you the heeby-jeebies, the expected yeild of a suitcase bomb like the FBI fears is 3-5kt. The largest airburst nuclear test ever done was 57kt. The largest nuclear weapon ever made was the Tsar Bomb from the form USSR with 50mt (50,000kt) yield. The first nuclear bomb used as a weapon was Little Boy, weighing in at 13kt, followed shortly by Fat Man with a yield of 25kt.
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I "aged" five of my peru pictures to hopefully make it look like they came from the time Hiram Bingham first discovered the Inca Trail. Well... Sorta... Back them the structures (except the church) would have been covered with flora, and the kids in the one picture would have cloths from 1911 (the pictures were taking in 2001)...

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