August 23rd, 2005

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The art project continues. After the InkJet transfer to metal set back I just went ahead with the tried and true photo printing. I got the pictures printed in 3.5"x5" size, cut out, and thr first two coats of gloss clear enamel on them. I'll put on another coat or two tonight, and then it's the part I hate...

Trying to glue these images on is the bane of my existence. I use a 3M spray-on high strength adhesive. It holds great and does not discolor the image. The problem is it always squishes out the sides and you can not clean this stuff off. I've fixed part of the problem by puting the image on the book and then putting down masking tape around the image. This protects book, but some flow over always seems to get on the face of the image. What I wish they made (or I could at least find) is big post-it note where the whole back was sticky. I could cover the face of the image, glue the back, and apply it to the book and let the glue set, and then remove the masking tape and the post it in one go. As it is, I'm ondering it spray on silicone lube will keep the glue from sticking to the face of the picuter and not damage the enamel or the image.

The portrait format images will go on the small books and the landscape ones will go on the large books. Like I said befor, all the images are 3.5"x5".

Small book covers:

Large book covers:

I will take one of the small journals to Peru, and I will see if my sister wants the other one. And I only need one big journal to replace my current one which is almost full. That means I will have a spare big one and possibly a spare little one. Anyone wanting a nice Peruvian themed Adam Harrison Original Decorated Moleskine Sketchbook?
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Peru purchase needs update...

Desecant for the waterproof bags and spare camera batteries.

How many batteries is the question. A full day of shooting will take one battery. I have to live without the ability to recharge for a week and a half in a photo target rich environment, and batteries are $50 each.

So... How many batteries to take? I was thinking of rationning my photo sessions and trying to live with three.
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What kind of disease are you?


adameros is caused by alien mind control rays.

adameros creates a dire fear of cute lil' puppies in those infected by it.
To cure adameros, act like a muppet.

That's it. Each of you are now compelled to do a live journal like if you were a Muppet Character.
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What's up with the unfriends and journal deletions?!?!?!

Andrew, Gabby, and Sabrina are gone. And unfriended by Nicole and Lyra. Weirdness, something or other must be in retro-grade. :-(