September 11th, 2005

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You know.... I'm liking Katrina more and more. I woke up this morning and there was no "Remember 9/11" on the TV or the paper. I think we need a anual disaster just so we can move on from the last one.
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You know you are leading a very sad life when the highlight of your day is going out and getting new undies (cotton boxer briefs (polked ones, striped ones, and solid colors), thanks for asking).

Oh... And some new socks.

I also bought a couple pens for the trip, but then realized it would be very humid and wet*, so ink might not be a good choice (having to dry and all), so I swung by a store on the way home from Fred Meyers and picked up a pack of pencils and a pencil sharpener. I'll try the pens, but have the pencils as back up.

*Humid and Wet: We take Continental to Lima and then Taca Peru to Cuzco. We spend a couple days in Cuzco wandering around sipping Coca tea. Cuzco is in the 50's during the day and the 20's at night. We then Drive through the Andes to the Amazon Basin and board our dugout canoes. The weather in the Amazon... Highs in the 90's, lows in the 70's and near 100% humidity. When we end our canoe adventure we fly back to Cusco. The runway we take off from is just a grass field, so we can not take off if the field is muddy. Then we chill in Cusco a couple more days, then to Lima and back home.

What the highlight of your day, so far?
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Trip Itinerary
Sept 15Depart Portland to Huston. Huston to Lima. Stay at the Holiday Inn in Lima
Sept 16Breakfast at the hotel, then transfer to the airport to fly to Cusco. Reception in Cusco (11,150') and drive to the Libertador Hotel, short orientation, Afternoon at leisure for acclimatization and exploring the city.
Sept 17Day at leisure for personal activities around Cusco. Accomidations at the Libertador Hotel.
Sept 18Morning guided tour around Cusco. Accomidations at the Libertador Hotel. Tour briefing and welcome dinner.
Sept 19Drive to Paradise Lodge in Manu cloud forest. Birding at Lake Huacarpay en route and stops at the Ninamarca ruins and the town of Paucartambo.
Sept 20Morning bird watching in the cloud forest. Continue descending by vehicle to Atalaya and the Amazonia Lodge(2,500').
Sept 21Early morning birding. A full day canoe journey down the Madre de Dios River to the first park station on Manu River, stopping at Diamante & and Boca Manu communities along the way. Overnight at Boca Manu Lodge.
Sept 22Morning birdwatching or wildlife viewing and continue by canoe/boat to Cocha Salvador. Afternoon visit to the lake and introductory hike in the area. Overnight at the Machiguenga Cocha Salvador Lodge (1,360').
Sept 23Full day of exploration around Cocha Salvador or trails further up river. Return to Cocha Salvador Lodge.
Sept 24Explore the trails around Cocha Otorongo. Return to the canoes and continue down down river to Blanquillo. Accommodations at the Blanquillo Lodge. Afternoon hike in the area.
Sept 25Early morning departure and set up in the river blind for observing the clay lick. Return to Blanquillo Lodge in the late morning. Afternoon hike or fishing excursion.
Sept 26Boat journey back up river to the Boca Manu airstrip for the flight to Cusco by small plane. Arrival reception and tranfer to the Libertador Hotel. Afternoon at Leisure in Cusco.
Sept 27Full day tour of Sacsayhuaman and Tambo Machay ruins new Cusco and the Sacred Valley & Pisac ruins. Local style lunch. Dinner with guide.
Sept 28Visit Machu Picchu.
Sept 29Fly from Cusco to Lima
Sept 30Fly from Lima to Huston. Fly from Huston to Portland

That's it.