September 13th, 2005

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I have been told that areas of downtown Seattle used to be under sea level, much like New Orleans, but they city recognized the risk and filled in those areas so they are all high and dry.

Can anyone confirm this story?
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Last year, the Falcons vs. Eagles game was the best game of the year, hands down. I was really looking forward to last nights game. Both team had great defenses, but on the offensive end the Falcons dominated. McNab just wasn't there. Which is a shame as when McNab and Vicks are at their best, you see some amazing football. I won't argue that Vicks is the best quarterback out there, but I will say he is one of the funnest to watch play. I normally root for the teams where I have lived, or near when I live, (or are playing against the Cowboys) like the 49ers, the Raiders, and the Seahawks. But Vicks and Falcon have me rooting for an east coast team, and that's a rare thing. Barring injuries, I think this will be a very good year for the Falcons.

Now if only some team could slap New England around...

My Superbowl pick is:
Falcons vs. Patriots, with the Patriots winning (yet again).

What are your picks?
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I haven't posted this for a few years. I mentioned it to a couple people who had not heard of this page, so here it is again...

W.W.J.D.? (What Would Journey Do? (Yes, as in Journey, the band))

This takes Journey songs as scripture to help you through the trials of your life.

How many other artists/bands start with "J"? What Would Jay-Zee Do? what Would Jamiraqui(sp?) Do?
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I must be more note worthy than I thought. I have not one, but three friend ditto accounts monitoring:


They each state:

hi and welcome to the unofficial friend_ditto LJ network.

if you are on the list rest assured that we do indeed have people on your friends list who are archiving all of your posts as we speak, "friends only" posts not excluded.

have a nice day!

I feel so special!