September 14th, 2005

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Wow! Up to 6 vote on the 8 Hunks of Hanukkah. No where near the almost 400 hundred jameth has, though. I wonder if jameth knows the top 8 guys who have accepted have to submit beef cake images of themselves for people amusement/horror.

So, if you would like to see me embarrass myself with beefcake pictures, you need to vote, you need to get your friends to vote, and you need to get your nonfriends to vote.

And if I "win", I will need someone to come take some pictures of me. Volunteers? I've even got a good camera. Good lenses. Good tripod. And some jankity lighting. I just need someone to compose the shots and push the button.

Let's make the magic happen! :-)

The upper standings...*
370     jameth  Accepted!
224     weev    Accepted!
78      bikerbear       Accepted!
68      full_exposure   Accepted!
52      shortstackbear  Accepted!
45      travelingcub    Accepted!
40      robont  No response
34      spazticmonky    Accepted!
34      scathedobsidian Accepted!
32      discograss      Accepted!
32      adammaker       Accepted!
29      michaelnolan    Accepted!
25      amayos  Accepted!
22      redteufel       Accepted!
21      velvet  Accepted!
21      eagon   Accepted!
20      surf_teddybear  Accepted!
20      krets   Accepted!
20      drjeff  No response
20      asim    Accepted!
18      seattleforge    No response
18      apollo_cub      No response
17      bradwinkle      Accepted!
16      wbahner Accepted!
16      dozerbear       Accepted!
16      cuplan  Accepted!
15      old_age Accepted!
15      hepkitten       No response
15      deyo    Accepted!
14      theferrett      No response
14      tdj     Accepted!
14      hdiandrew       No response
14      faolan_dubgall  Accepted!
14      dalious Accepted!
13      vira    No response
13      ninjaslug       Accepted!
13      grubbybastard   Accepted!
13      gotmoof Accepted!
12      rustmon Accepted!
12      mightywombat    Accepted!
12      inspectorjury   No response
12      corto   No response
11      tlttlotd        Accepted!
11      peterlicious    Accepted!
10      yendi   Accepted!
10      xanyboi Accepted!
10      thebruce        Accepted!
10      profundis       Accepted!
10      njbearcub1      Accepted!
10      knighthorse     Accepted!
10      imlad   Accepted!
10      eireknight      Accepted!
10      digitaldevil    Accepted!
10      baronalejandro  Accepted!
9       sdf     No response
9       sclerotic_rings Accepted!
9       partywhipple    Accepted!
9       livejamie       Accepted!
9       grrwoo  No response
9       freyaskat       Accepted!
9       correspondguy   Accepted!
9       chronarchy      Accepted!
9       artysmokes      No response
8       zophar  No response
8       throwingstardna No response
8       slipjig Accepted!
8       retrogamerbear  Accepted!
8       regyt   Accepted!
8       perkk   Accepted!
8       nmybriefs       Accepted!
8       monkey  No response
8       mcsnee  Accepted!
8       lordandrei      Accepted!
8       interdictor     No response
8       hugs    No response
8       dr_nebula       Accepted!
8       bigmondo        No response
8       aussie_nyc      Accepted!
8       arib    Accepted!
7       rfjason No response
7       oneiricvision   No response
7       joedecker       No response
7       hilts   No response
7       eggwards        Accepted!
7       corivax No response
6       transitpassengr Accepted!
6       thespisgeoff    No response
6       superhoss       No response
6       novalis Accepted!
6       mick_hale       Accepted!
6       metaphorge      Accepted!
6       meatybear       No response
6       lukebacca       No response
6       kingofallporn   Accepted!
6       epi_lj  No response
6       critus  Accepted!
6       champdaddy      No response
6       brian1789       No response
6       bigbull No response
6       adameros        No response
6       2fruition       No response

*There are about 2000 people in this. I'm just listing those tied with me or ahead of me as of 9am today.
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(no subject)

Last night was oh so much fun. My Dad's having weird electrical issues with his truck.

He goes into a store, comes out 10 minutes later, and his truck won't start. He calls me, but my jumper cables are bad (using them in leu of rope to tie things down will do that). The Tow truck can jump start it, but the amp meter is not showing the battery as creating a huge draw (i.e., not dead). And once started it runs. But if you shut it off, it will not restart. This includes after leaving the battery on the charger all night. So...

Bad battery? Then it would still create a load for the alternator. Bad alternator? Then the car would not stay running after disconnected from the battery. Battery just needs a charge? All night on the charger would have fixed that. Bad starter? It's possible some of the brushings could be worn down and a little extra power can get it going, but not likely.

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(no subject)

As I leave tomorrow morning (OMG!!!!), and I will be unable to manage my "Hunk" campaign, who want's to be my campaign manager and get me in the top 8?

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What I've heard from Judge Roberts so far has me scratching my head. While avoiding definitive answers, he is also saying that all his opinions are those of his clients, not his. Do we know what we are getting? Does Bush know what he's getting. Will he be a coinservative like Bush wants, or as all those opinions people like to cite were him writing them reflecting his clients need, not his views, has Bush selected a wild card?

I'm beginning to suspect he's going to be an unpredictable force in the court.

Anyone else following the the Roberts hearings and have some views on this?
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The Bah-Bah du jour...

-- Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t --
  1. Caught an octopus when 5yrs old while bottom fishing.
  2. Worked on "The Man" at Burning Man.
  3. Came in second to iconoclastcrack in a "Best Cock on the Block" contest.
  4. Hiked the Inca Trail.
  5. Gotten a hair cut and foot massage all at the same time in Thailand.
  6. Hiked 100 miles of the Rogue River.
  7. Been the splash page image on a gay porn site.
  8. Been greeted by airport security, with guns drawn.
  9. Had Lisa Leob's private number.
  10. Been (and continue to be) Adam Eros Harrison.
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Q: What's George Bush's position on Roe v. Wade?
A: He really doesn't care how people get out of New Orleans.
- Swiped from Boing-Boing
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WTF is LJ's problem. I like the old layout for the info page with the side bar on the left hand side. It's fucking gone again, and no I can't find squat for managing my account my account.

Sure, fuck with the default layout for new account, but leave my shit alone!!!