September 17th, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Cusco has been great, but we need to abondon the city a day early. There is going to be a transit strike and they are planning on blocking all the street to protest the cost of gas. This means that if we wish to get to the Amazon basin, we need to leave early tomorrow morning and spend a night in Picas(sp?).

Today we went to the public market in the "bad part of town". It was great. I bought a bunch of fresh chocolate thinking I was getting some good eating chocolate. buzzz!!! Try again. I have to bars of very high quality bakers chocolate. D´oh!

Lots of great pictures so far.

girl_on_a_stick, you were right, the pisco sours at Keys Cross are great!

As it is now, I´m sitting in an internet cafe listening to the flamenco version of Sinatra´s classic "My Way".

Anyway, alive and well, tomorrow we go to Picas, and then on to the Manu Forest.

Oh!!! One of the animals we might see... The "Dusky Titi Monkey" Who can say "no" to a titi monkey, dusky or otherwise? Surely not me!!!

Oh... An there has got to be some alcoholic Pevuian drinks other than Pisco Sours and Chicha, though I am having zero luck discovering them. Wish me luck in this noble quest.