September 27th, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Back in Cusco. The Peruvian Air Force flew us in today. Didn´t feel the quake.

My webmail system at home is blusted, it seems so I doubt I can check mail till I get home.

700 pictures so far. Saw lots od cool stuff. Almost died a couple times (seriously). One night I accidently step on a coral snake and it tagged my boot a couple times. Another, we were boating at night, and while helping a porter dislodge the engine, I went over board into some caiman infested waters. About 30 seconds after I got out a black caiman was right next to our boat. Saw lot´s of monkeys, birds, and butterflies. The giant otters were uber cute. They just get cooler with size.

Mosquito nettign is my bestest friend.

Tomorrow is Machu Picchu, then the day after tomorrow we´re off to Lima. Then Huston and home to Portland.