October 12th, 2005

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Sorry about the downtime yesterday.

From about 3pm I couldn't reach my server from work. On my way to rescue spr0cket I called home and it turns out that the power was out for a good portion of Bull Mountain. Likely someone ran into a power pole again. I think called synapsepi to do an update, and spr0cket and I went to see Serenity (which was good, though felt kind of like Star Wars).

Seriously, it was like watching Star Wars. You have a young person with powers/skills they need to learn to control. A scruffy smuggler piloting their ship. And a black man (Vader will always be James Earl Jones in my mind) leading a fleet hunting them down, and he has a thing for swords/sabers. But, like Star Wars, I enjoyed it greatly. And it had Buffy-esque banter that makes Whedon shows so enjoyable.

One other thought... It is just me or does their ship, Serenity, kind of remind you of the various smaller craft that the crew uses for space travel on Red Dwarf?

Away, I would like to thank synapsepi for posting an update for me, and putting up with me getting my own password wrong.

I took spr0cket to the Max Station at "OMG It's Way Too Early In The Morning", and she is safely on her way to they airport as I type this.
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I have a confession to make...

I love the Daily Show (that's not the confession), I think Jon Stewart is hilarious and on the money (that's not the confession either), but I generally think most of the rest of the show sucks (that's the confession). I love it when politicians and writers are the guests, but I find actors/comedians/musicians as guests boring. And I think most of the corrospondents try to act stupid too much of the time. Jon is funny because he is smart and can point out flaws in governmental/political logic. Everyone else is just parodying news casters, by trying to act dense. Dumb and Dumber do the news. I have one wish (actually two...) more Jon, less anyone else, and bring back the couch. Is that too much to ask?
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NYC, where the WTF's never stop...


Gorilla public service announcement...


Not the Westside Story I remember...


Reinterpertation of The Shining:


Planes, Trains, and Plantains


Dearly Departed Tragical History Tour:
There is one restroom stop where you can drop your trousers and reenact George Michael's most scandalous moment.

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That's me! The master criminal!!!!

<td align="center">

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A song to go with it...



mc frontalot: the arch criminal, for some reason not
sought by authorities, though I been running wild for days
they's surely gonna track me down
I'm the #1 menace for miles around
with the littering, the loitering, the mattress tags
all the piratated mp3s I grabs [arrrr]
all the cable I stole, certain bathroom wall I wrote on
i'm so cruel & cold you put a coat on
i even cheat on my tax!
"from this life of crime there could be no turning back"
riding all around on my bike with no helmet, commit mail fraud whenever I see a mailman
got a jaywalking ticket. I crumpled it up!
still bump the bootleg cause I'm hanging tough [we're ruff!]

crime spree that I'm on, breaking the law until the break of the dawn
then I'll break it again, then I'll break it some more
(mc frontalot you're so hardcore)
crime spree that I'm on, breaking the law until the break of the dawn
yo it seems like I break it all the time
(this mc led a life of crime)

harder than a criminal's supposed to be, most of the
FBI heard of this MC
called them up just to check, "this here's the frontalot and I expect
that y'all are tracking me down, cat n' the mouse
gearing it up for some chasin' around,
i mean you name it I done it,
slandering, pandering, a couple hundred
uncleared samples I rock per track
FBI's like "we're busy, we'll call you back"
yeah, if you can find me! leave a trail violated statutes behind me
winding in an impossible wake, cause hard as I am
I don't think I could take
prison for even a day. "In that case you should live lawfully"
too late!