October 13th, 2005

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Huntin' season.

Actually, it is deer season right now. my boss and his family are out hunting, as are several co-workers and a bunch of extended family. I guess I'll have too wait and hunt mechanical reindeer.
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You are simply Saffy. The polar opposite of your
fast-living, wild-child mother, you see Patsy
as a parasite, living off Edina and corrupting
her. You have a strong sense of morals and
shockingly dowdy dress sense, but no boyfriend
- well no one you would introduce your mother
to. You are currently working on your career as
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Perhaps the plan was better on paper than in reality.

My cousin Claudia has come to town with her Son, Evan. Tomorrow night I'm supposed to baby sit Evan. I was thinking this would be a perfect chance to go see Wallace and Grommet: Curse Of The Wererabbit.

Last night hanging out with Evan was an eye opening experience. He's in preschool, and can not sit still, be quiet, or anything that would make me think a movie is a good idea. Legos are fine, but I get three pieces into anything and he want's what ever I'm working on because it's cooler. Cartoons bore him, if he's willing to watch them. "Mom says I can't watch that." "Mom hasn't approved that cartoon." "Mom says hasn't seen that cartoon, so I can't watch it." Well, Bucko, Mom ain't here, she went home Monday, and I approve this cartoon! :-P He lasts about 5 minutes on a video game, and wants to quit. Even drawing with florescent markers under a blacklight lasted about 3 minutes. The fog machine 10 minutes. The pitch shifter on the mixer, with a mic, about 4 minutes. And his bed time is normally 8pm, we let him stay up till 8:30, and he exhibited his mastery of the word "No!" while crying at the top of his lungs.

Yeah. A movie. Having to sit still, quietly, for an hour and a half. Great idea. Like that will ever happen. :-P

Plan B: Take him to a horror movie, where people will be fidgiting and scream anyway, give him nightmares for months, and never have to baby sit again.... :-P
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I saw this on a mailing list. Did this happen while I was in Peru? WTF?!?!?! Is this real?!?!?!

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Tommy Lee was burned Wednesday when a pyrotechnics stunt went wrong at a Motley Crue concert in Casper, Wyo.

Lee was taken to a hospital for treatment, but wasn't badly hurt, said Sgt. Doug Beran of the Casper Police Department. Beran declined to discuss details of Lee's injuries, citing privacy considerations.

The 43-year-old drummer, who was injured toward the end of the band's set, played one more song before the concert was cut short, Beran said.

Tom Morton, a reporter for the Casper Star-Tribune, said Lee appeared to be injured when sparks began flying as he swung above the stage suspended from a wire, back and forth among several drum sets.

Another witness, Del Kinswoman, described the pyrotechnics as ROMAN CANDLES.

I'll be in the bathroom smoking, in rememberence. :-(

Nevermind, I'm an idiot. I'll still be in the bathroom smoking, though. :-P
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LJ Interests meme results

  1. cirque du soleil:
    It's a level of surrealism that is shocking, leaving me in a such a marvelously giddy state.
  2. dreaming:
    The mind is a wonderous toy, and through dreams we are allowed a window of possibility with in it's frame work.
  3. geology:
    Rocks are cool.
  4. hot springs:
    Water is hot.
  5. lighting:
    I love going into lighting stores and looking at the nifty stuff they have. Or music and club supply stores and marveling at the lights designed to give the common person synthinasia(sp?).
  6. off roading:
    It's hiking for the lazy. You get to go to remote places and see awesome vistas.
  7. pdx:
    Portland is my home.
  8. psy-trance:
    Music to fuck with the mind. What is there not to like?
  9. skiing:
    I should take this down. I love skiing, but I have not been for years due to the prohibitive costs.
  10. swimming:
    Swimming is so peaceful. When I "Swim", I will spend hours floating on the surface, or just off the bottom experiencing earth bound zero-g, and marveling at how the sunlight plays across the bottom.

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