October 18th, 2005

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WTF??? Jack Thompson is crazy!!! And not in a good way!!!

He is trying to stop violent video games like GTA. I've never played GTA, so I have no opinion on his efforts, but...

Jack went on national TV and said he would pay anyone $10,000 to make a video game modelled on him. A group of game mod'ers changed GTA so you played the role of Jack and go around killing violent video game makers. They demanded their cash, and Jack renigged:


Penny Arcade had the nerve to mock Jack over all this:


And now Jack is trying to get the Seattle Police to raid P.A., and arrest them:


I am rapidly forming the opinion that Jack is a complete and total smeg head.
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I've been on a pod cast somewhat consistantly for the past couple money. When do I get the fame? The fortune? The hot chicks?

Hmmm... Maybe Pod Casting is not as cool as I've been lead to believe. :-P

Anyway, my coworker does a pod cast and blog called Blogging Academy to introduce people to blogging. I'm usually there in the room chiming in with inappropriate, overly technical questions and/or munching on seasonned croutons (pizza from are cafeteria).

The link of note:


Also you can check out Josh's other blogs/projects:

Oh... Today, we will be recording a new pod cast. Assuming the re-employees in my group get back from the staff meeting on time, I will be there.
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You know when you call a financial institution and it has the recorded message that they might record the call?

I wonder if I add that greeting to my phone how many telemarketers violating the do-not-call list would lose their nerve and just hang up?
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Tomorrow morning, if all goes as planned, is the last ever launch of a Titan rocket.

Liftoff of the Titan 4 rocket is scheduled to occur at 11:04 a.m.

Weather permitting, if you are near Vandenberg Air Force Base, and want one hel of a show, you should head on out and watch it.

More info here:
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I was discussing with a coworker the choice of a blond, Daniel Craig, for the role of James Bond, the conversation turned to how 007 should be played.

I think Pierce Brosnan is the right actor, if they let him play it. I would love to see James Bond play the role like Pierce played Thomas Crown in The Thomas Crown affair. One of the draws of Sean Connery was his boys charm. It was like he was a kid playing a game. That is exactly the role of Thomas Crown.

Bond has been reduced to gadgets, car chases, and explosion. I want the mischevious charm of classic James Bond back. It could be back if they, the directors and studios, decided to go that route.

What do you think needs to be done to make James Bond awesome again? (Other than clone Sean Connery, or find some way to make him young again.)
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Coyote vs Acme
by Ian Frazier

In the United States District Count, Southwestern District, Tempe, Arizona Case No. B19345, Judge John Kujava, Presiding

Wile E. Coyote, Plaintiff
Acme Company, Defendant

Collapse )
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From Steve Jobs:
Jobs says he’s happy with Apple’s part of its first telephony experiment. "There are more phones yet to roll out," he says with a sly smile, adding, "Cingular has been great to work with."

Has Steve ever used Cingular? Does he understand just how much they suck?!?!?!?!?!