November 14th, 2005

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It doesn't happen often, but comcast was down last night. From 3:30 to about 7:15 (three hours and forty five minutes) I was denied internet. That is just so wrong. Anyway, I'm guessing from the 3:30 start time that it was a maintence outage.
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A man's body cures it's self of HIV?

The man has declined to come in for further testing. Testing that could find out how his body fought off the disease, and help create a vacine that could save millions.

I can think of two reasons he's not wanting to help:

  1. He has no desire to be regularly stuck with needles, scanned, probed, poked, prodded, etc.
  2. He is holding out for money. Which every company can figure out what his body did stands to make billions, and he wants a share.

So, what do you think? Should this person have his rights taken away and forced to become a guinnea pig for the sake of millions of others in the world? What percentage of profits from any resulting drug from research on him should he be entitled to? If it was you, and you have been granted life, would you go out and enjoy life or spend the next umpteen years getting blood drawn and tests done?

Personally, I think he should do the testing, but should also be entitled to a good share of the profits. Further, I think I would negotiate a deal limited the kinds of tests and the amounts, like say on pint of blood a month, at most, just like with the Red Cross.
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Bah-bah stolen from pushshove:

adameros: My first and middle names concatinated together.

I have only had a limited number of screen names over the years. When I started BBS's in 1990, I was "The Master Of Time" from my love of watches. It was later shortened to "tmot" at PSU. That account was broken into and I got a new account. This time I went wwith my middle name, "eros". When I would IRC it was often as "eros", though sometime I would reverse it and go on as "sore". Eros is a common screen name, though, so I now go by adameros, which I've never encountered anyone else using. I think the fact that my screen name has last so long is that it is really myname and there for always "me", where as others pick names based on a personna or mood, and out grow them frequently. I don't anticipate changing my screen name in the foreseeable future. I don't like the idea of losing track of people and I hope a consistant name keeps me easy to find as I change ISPs, servers, domains, etc.
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Talk about a full schedule...

This weekend: Going to the beach with my family to install the broadband and the wifi network.
Next week: Steal Land from a Native American Day Thanksgiving
The First weekend in December: The Winter Brewers Festival.
December 10th through the 18th: tidesong is in town.
The weekend after that: Christmas
The weekend after that: New Years.

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Which reminds me... What's going on for New Years. I have no plans yet.
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This is something I want to try doing someday:

I think people normally use a laser trigger for things like this. (Read: Out of budget.)

I would also like to get mounting stuff so I could use my camera with the telescope or with a microscope. The microscope offers some interesting possiblities like using a polarised light and a snowflake. When the light is polarized the snowflake is suddenly a crystiline rainbow. It's really spectacular.

I would also like to get some studio lighting (more than the two painters lights I have now) and start learning that science/art. It's easy to look at an image and figure out how it was lit as far as the type of lighting (hard vs soft) and what angles the lights were put at compared to the subject, but figuring out the distances of the light from the subject and the ratios of light's brightnesses is a bit harder.

Edit: Also check out the earth and the fractals on this page: