November 24th, 2005

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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As you all know the mystletoe is coming out soon. This means kissing. Hopefully lots of kissing. And even better the person you are kissing is a great kisser. Quality counts. Good kissing can make your hair stand on end, curl your toes, and make you stare off into space for hours afterward with a stupid grin on your face.

To find out who the best kisser is on my mutual friends list I am having this contest with a month of paid LJ access for the winner. Vote for yourself, vote for your friends. Vote for the people who are bribing you, I don't care. Just vote. Go out there and drum up some votes.

This first round is big enough that it takes two polls so be sure to submit both.

Let the kissing games begin!!!!!

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Round two will start tomorrow. Each winner from each section will advance. If there is a tie for first, all the tied people will advance.

Now go show the love! :-)