November 26th, 2005

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My friends should not have pets the same names as my other firends. It causes far to much amusement/confusion. Here is an except of one such example:

Ha ha! Of course that's a bold faced lie. Louise was in heat this week, meaning her moods bounced from playful humping and joy, to horrible hissing and clawing. She has the most chilling hiss you'd ever hope to hear. It's less feline and more serpentine, and her eyes get so creepy and dead looking when she does it. It seriously gives me chills.

Bad mental images! Bad!!!
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My Mom's b-day party starts in thirty minutes. I will try to be free to tally the totals at 9pm and start the third and likely final round.
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If we decided to have these contests (which I might make a community for and get out of my journal), would people prefer less people per heat so the contest goes more rounds? I know Re was a little disappointed we went from 17 to 2 heats in one day. I'm just wondering what others think.
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It's been a long and grueling tongue twisting lip smacking fight to get here, and we are down to the two best. The cream of the crop. The best of the best.

From Florida we have a bicycling master, photo editor, and all around stud, fanless, on one side! On the other we have a multi-talented singer, violinist, and organ player, the lovely Ms tidesong!!!

The winner gets fame! Glory! A reputation that will haunt them for years to come! And a month of paid Live Journal access!!!

Please take the time to vote for the ultimate kisser!

Poll #620793 Best Kisser, the final round!!!

Who is the best Kisser on adameros's friends list.

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(21:11:36) adameros: *interviewers voice* You have made the final round, how are you feeling?
(21:12:31) tidesong: I'm just licking my lips in antici....pation.
(21:14:21) adameros: Sounds like you are ready for this new round. Your opponent, when asked what words he has for his opponents, he said, "You have no chance to survive make your time." Do you have any response to that?
(21:15:06) tidesong: Then I'd better get to kissing [strike]as much ass[/strike] as much as possible!
(21:15:43) adameros: Do you have a new strategy for this final round? Any special trick?
(21:16:15) tidesong: I'm afraid I can't share my special secrets at this juncture ;)
(21:16:35) adameros: Ahhh... If you do win, what will you be doing to celibrate?
(21:16:52) tidesong: Kissing every single person who voted for me. Lots.
(21:17:28) adameros: Thank you for your time, and good luck! :-)
(21:18:43) tidesong: Thank you!