November 28th, 2005

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The last challenge in my journal. (I will try to get the new community some point this week.) This is a special three day grudge match. These two cats have been itching to go at each other. So we are having a special 3rd place smack down!

In this corner we have the mistress of venom, the queen of evil pengiuns, the one, the only, brokenchains!!!

And in this corner we have the woman with the iron liver, and the drunken adventures that kids dream of, the always cheery spr0cket.

No prizes, this is all for the glory!

Poll #621744 Third best kisser!

Who is the third best kisser?

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Okay... the new contest community has been created, the_very_best. It's a community for friends and friends of friends. shaebot is the co-moderator. She will be starting things off with a "best lay" contest. Go sign up if you want in on the fun.

These contests have no bais in reality, they are mostly just to have fun campaigning and talking smack.
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Years ago I had a cd called Nintendo's White Knuckle Scorin'. There was one awesome track on there by Jellyfish called Ignorence Is Bliss. I'm seriously wanting that song right now.

Wake up!
Miss Toadstool, it is I, your one and only King,
Bowser Koopa
I'm a turtle as you see
A little slow and alittle green
But I'm the whole I'd say
Supa Dupa

Princess Toadstool, I know you're freightened
But if you knew just why you're here
Your fear would just be heightened
So let's just say
Ignorance is bliss

Well, I'd wait to be a bummer
I've brought you here to bring me plumbers
You know those brothers
Oh, what's their name?
Oh yes, Mario and Luigi
Just sound of them makes me quesy
I'd like to take that monkey wrench
I'd play my own game

Prince Toadstool, you're so misguided
I've never found of bookworms
But then again this one does make good Mario bait
I can't wait
Ignorance is bliss!

With my magic book
I'll shower those crumsy lizards with my power
Until dinosaur land is nothing but fossil fuel
My only problem with these spells
Is that I know not what they tell
So every hex leaves me perplexed
And all I want are those plumbing fools

Princess Toadstool, you're not so clever
All your words are alphabet soup
A picture tells it better
I'll say it again!
Ignorance is Bliss!

Haven't you heard a picture's worth 1000 words

You call yourself a princess but you're a brainiac in a dress
I can't believe you waste time with these books
you remind me of my kid sister
she read so much she got a blister
A big one, I mean big, on her brain, what a snook!!

(I'd like to get my hands on...just one time with a monkey wrench...
I'd fix their plumbing)

Princess Toadstool, I know you're freightened (So misguided)
But if you knew just why you're here
Your fear would just be heightened

Princess Toadstool, you're not so clever (Pictures say it better)
All your words are alphabet soup
A picture tells it better

For the last time-

On second though, I think I've made my point....

I dug out the ol' N-64 aqnd was playing Super Mario World and now I need some music to match.
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adameros: *interview voice* Ms. Heather, this seems to be quite a grudge match against Re. Do you have any words for your opponent?
spr0cket: I hope she wins. Cuz then we can go make out and let our flamingos and penguins destroy our enemies while we're in the throes of passion.
adameros: So is this not so much a grude against her, but an effort to show everyone the two of you are better than the winners?
spr0cket: Well, duh. You've seen the powers she and I possess.
adameros: I have, but our audience has not. Do you care to eleborate for your fans?
spr0cket: I can just tell them this: Re & I = 12 hour hot, steamy love sessions with every imaginable position. Oh, and whip cream & chocolate syrup.
adameros: Oooo la la! So once the challenge is done, when and where will this meeting of the lips take place? Also, will the media be allowed access?
spr0cket: We're discussing a Pay-Per-View special for $89.99 per viewing... we can't reveal any more details until the paper work is processed, though. ;-)
adameros: Ahhh... The rumors of both your kissing skills have caused a lot of hype. Do you care to confirm or deny some of the urban legends that have spring up around you?
spr0cket: Urban legends? I wasn't aware of these.
adameros: One rumor has it that Brad Pit heard of your kissing skills and angered both Jen and Angelia by secretly meeting with you to test your lips, and he was in a daze for the next three days from your kissing abilities? Or Mary Kay will soon be your sponsor with a specially made lipstick that is so strong (to endure you mad passion) that is can withstand reentry smeared on the ceramic heat sheild of the space shuttle?
spr0cket: Well, you're going to have to ask Re about Mary Kay as she's the one doing most of the negotiations there as to make sure no bit of pink gets near her colour. And well, as for Brad... I can't confirm or deny anything. But I can tell you that I've spent some quality time with not only Brad but Angelina as well... ;-)
adameros: Thanks you for your time. I look forward to seeing the poll results, and hopefully the after results.
spr0cket: No problem. ;P

Current standing are:
brokenchains: 4 (80.0%)
spr0cket: 1 (20.0%)

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