November 30th, 2005

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We are almost done with the 3rd place challenge! spr0cket has gotten her hold on the lead and refused to let go, but brokenchains is not far behind.

We are in the final stretch of this challenge. It was to run three days and starts the 28th about 10:15am, so we will be finishing this the 1st about 10:15am.

Will spr0cket fade in the end? Will she keep up her pace? Will brokenchains find the secret to tripping her up? Only time will tell.

Current standing are:
brokenchains: 9 (40.9%)
spr0cket: 13 (59.1%)

If you wish to vote (or change your existing vote) you can do it here.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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The 3rd place kisser contest has until tomorrow morning at 10:15. The standings are:

brokenchains: 12 (46.2%)

spr0cket: 14 (53.8%)

You can vote (or change your vote) here.

We are almost to the vote theft stage of this competition, then the contestents get desperate and figure out that getting someone to change their vote is worth getting to people to vote. Time for the bribing of the voters to begin!