December 7th, 2005

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From from my future court jester when I rule the world, brokenchains:

Singing in the shower? very guilty
Left the stove on? innocent
Ate Stale food? guilty
Spit in someone's Drink? innocent
Stole Something from a friend? Fries count?
Played w/ Barbies? innocent
Sang the wrong words to your favorite song? guilty
Lit candles & let wax run all down your desk? guilty
Kissed your posters of your favorite stars? innocent
Listened to stupid music & said you like it? guilty
Had sex w/ a stranger? guilty
Did a Wrestling move on someone? guilty
Had a Lite Brite toy? guilty
Gave a surprise party for someone? guilty
Made someone cry? guilty
Had the guts to ask someone out? guilty
Opened your Christmas presents early? guilty
Ever been caught doing something "dirty"? guilty
Found money & didn't turn it in? Only change in the soda/candy machine
Gave money to a homeless person? guilty
Sang cheesy 80's songs? guilty
Dug for buried treasure? guilty (going out with my grandfather and his metal detector when I was about 5)
Thought Star Wars was cool? guilty (Thought? past tense? It's still cool, damn it!)
Had a super-hero costume? guilty (underoos rock!)
Still sleep w/ your baby blanket? innocent
Told a family member to F*** off? guilty
Lied to protect a friend? guilty,
Broke a bone? guilty
Got lost in your own little world? I exist in my own fucking universe
Seen "the goonies" more than 10 times? innocent (only three times)
Played a Video game for more than 5 hours? uh, straight? guilty
Watched "Scream" and actually Screamed? innocent
Dyed your hair a color from the rainbow? guilty.
Hugged your mom in the past 24 hours? innocent
Drank until you passed out? guilty.

From my future spy posing as a courtesan when I rule the world, perpetualfog:

It's simple enough. Go to the first post of each month of 2005, and copy out the first paragraph.
01-01-2005: Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!
02-02-2005: New Highway Driving Rules:
03-01-2005: Your sweet dollup of WTF! The Linda Lovelace porn classic, Deep Throat, in ascii.
04-01-2005: Happy St. Stupid's Day!!!! St. Stupid of The One Church of The Last Laugh.
05-03-2005: Pictures!!! Pictures of my cousin's daughter and her friend. Pictures of a psuedo tree house. And Pictures of a red farm surrounded by red clover fields.
06-02-2005: Well, that sucked... Last night at about 8:30 the power went out. From the sirens in the distance I can only guess someone hit a telephone pole and brought down the powerline. I gave up reading by candle light about 10:30 last night and went to sleep.
07-01-2005: An amusing story passed on to a mailling list I'm on from someone on the VFR list:
08-01-2005: Hey, Louise!!! ;)
09-01-2005: For those with flikr accounts this is a cool, and cheap, way to print your photo albums.
10-01-2005: Day 1 of my trip: Departure. We flew from Portland to Lima and saw some spectacular thunder storms over Central America. We finally land in Lima at 11am and have 5 hours till we need to check in for our flight to Cusco, so the tour company* takes us to our hotel in the middle of the casino district. We decide to stay up drinking instead of sleeping, and watch all the middle aged white men come in with young Peruvian women, and then see the women walk out alone 30-45 minutes later.
11-01-2005: Awesome!!! This site let's you buy these amusing dustcovers for your books. They are sure to inspire "WTF" stares, and maybe a visit form the local reps from the regional law enforcement agency...
12-01-2005: Wow!!! We're in the final hours of the contest and it's all tied up!!!! brokenchains: 21 (50.0%) spr0cket: 21 (50.0%)
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Vegan politics question... What's the vegan stance on vaccines?

Many vaccines are from injecting a virus into and egg and extracting the vaccine from said egg later.

A new flu vaccine system come from a dogs kidney. The weird part (I kid you not, I heard about this on NPR) the dogs kidney in question come from a single cocker spanniel, harvested in the 1950's. These cells are referred to "immortal cells) because they can treat the cells like a culture and keep it growing, and then cut off bits for use.

Anyway, a lot of medications are tested on animals, but some are actually made using animals. What's the vegan stance on polio, flu, and other vaccines?
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Ummm... The shooting was not "on the plane", people. I know you just read the headline, but the headlines are lying.

The plane pulls up to the gate, this guy says he has a bomb in his bag. U.S. Marshalls show up and the guy some how get's OUT OF THE PLANE and runs. The Marshals chase and order him to lay down, which he does. then supposedly the guy reaches toward the bag and then ON THE TARMAC, OUTSIDE THE PLANE, NOT ON THE PLANE, the Marshals shoot him.
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Last night I flipped to the Cable News Network (CNN) (45 on Comcast) to see if I could get the weather report and this lady come on with a news/interview program. Her name is Nancy Grace, and damn... It was some of the most biased reporting I have ever seen, and her style was liek an extra sleezy Larry King. Ick... Can't CNN do better than that? :-(

Seriously, you can not talk my word for how bad her show it. Just turn it on for 5 minutes and bask in the glow of truely bad reporting. It's almost like comedy centrals CrossBalls, but these people are serious.