December 22nd, 2005

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Cellphone service providers have this practice of "locking" a phone to their service. The idea being that you won't change service because you will have to buy a new phone if you do. Vodafone has provided us the means to unlock the phones on our own...

Now you can take you phone number and your phone and kiss your crappy service provider good-bye.
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A new bah-bah from yours truely...

Post 5 things you wonder, and then maybe some people will have some technical/snarky/interesting/amusing answers.

I wonder...
  • ...why my company is so environmentally conscience in somre regards wants people to user plastic utensiles and disposable plates and cups if you eat at your desk instead of washable/reusable place settings.

  • long it will be until we get a good (sledding worthy) snow storm in my neighborhood.

  • ...for all the things politicians do that I disagree with, how many really think they are doing good and how many are just out for themselves.

  • ...if we, humanity, will ever learn all there is to know.

  • ...what to do for New Years this year.
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It's not a gift if you expect something in return, but it does feel great to get something that makes you feel appreciated.

You are not required to name names, but...

What gift are you most excited to give this year, and what are you most hoping to receive?

For me, I got my Dad a Sony Touch Screen Universal Remote. I'm sure he'll love it. What I want most to get? Anything from my sister. It's been years since I've even gotten a card from her.