January 24th, 2006

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Burnside Street - Home of the Burnside Bridge, you

are the historic divide between the North and

South halves of the city, and often, between

the "Good" and "Bad"

sections. But don't worry, you are usually

safe to drive or walk along.

At least during the daytime, that is. You have seen

some strange, straaaaange things once the

clock ticks past midnight...

What Portland Street Are You?
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According to The Oregonian, which cites Health Magazine, today is the most depressing day of the year.

Why? Could be the lack of sun light. You might have gotten your W-2's and found out just how little you made last year. You went skiing and broke your leg on the first run, and your SO kept skiing, and then left you for the hottie they met on the ski lift. Lot's of possible reasons.

Anyway, I am deputizing all of you into my posse of mirth. You are now empowered to go be the class clown, the jokester, the merry maker who bring smiles to other peoples faces.

Laugh long and prosper. May the whoopie cushion be with you.

P.s., Remember funny people are attractive!!!
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Joel: Ed, are you hallucinating?
Ed: Oh, yeah, but not right now.
-- Sy Rosen and Christian Williams

Words are a heavy thing...they weigh you down. If birds talked, they couldn't fly.
-- Sy Rosen and Christian Williams

Ah yeah... Northern Exposure. A show that died too early.
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Because I'm pretensious enough to quote myself...

From lillian_green and I discussing her new powertools...
adameros: Why do women love anything electrical that vibrates?
adameros: I suspect the Amish men imposed the anti-technology beliefs based on their own insecurity.
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So, the washing machine repair guy arrived, found out he needed to order a valve motor, so I'm still doing them by hand till that get's in. I don't think words can encompass my hatred of doing dishes, especially by hand.

But, on the plus side, fiber on Thursday!!!!!!