January 26th, 2006

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Today is fiber day!!!

The down side is, my server might be unaccessable for 8-24 hours from when it (hopefully) goes down later today.
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I'm almost done with John Hodgman's book The Areas Of My Expertise, and hobo's are a recurring topic. And I was wondering if hobo's, homeless people travelling cross country via stealing rides on trains (usually boxcars), are still a phenomenon or if train company had successfully stopped this practice.

So first thing I do is a Google search on "Hobo". To my amusement the following ads show up on the right side:

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I'm not sure which is moredisturbing (yet amusing), companies claiming to sell travelling homeless people or designer lables claiming to sell "hobo bags". Would those be bag like a hobo would use, or bags made from hobos?
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Censorship, Google, and counter censorship.

A number of people are complainning about Google kissing China's ass and agreeing to censor their pages. I wonder how long until people censor Google? When search engine caches a site, they first look for a robots.txt file. This file let's site say who can cache their site, and what pages they can cache.

Now a good part of Googles success is the completeness of their database, if concerned people disallowed google form caching their site, then Googles value as a search engine goes down.

If the censorship issue really bothers you, either you censor google or ask you site admin to do it.

It's easy, and en mass it can dramatically affect Google title as King of the Search Engines.