January 30th, 2006

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A lunar sliver.
The moon was out breifly this evening. I think I need to work on the focus on my camera. I thought the pentamirror on the Rebel would be plenty, but I'm seeing why people say the penta prism is worht the extra weight/cost. That extra brightness makes it easier to focus. Which, as you can see, I could use help with the focusing.

But... The moon is waxing, and I'm sure we will get a few more breaks in the clouds over the next couple weeks. I believe this was with the normal tube, not the 2x, so once the moon get's full, this should give you and idea of the resolution I'll be working with.

I'm thinking this summer, I might see how much sun filter cost so I can get pictures of sun spots and flares. But that's still several months out.