February 22nd, 2006

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Visual processing?

It took me years to see the face on the moon. I always say a yin-yang. Once I saw it, I can now easily see both when I look at the full moon. But if I look at a picture of the moon, I can see neither.
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I was wondering, does anyone know how old the Al Askari Mosque, one of the holiest Shiite shrines, is? It was blown up in Iraq, destroying the dome. I was looking at the images and I can't help but notice it looks like it was constructed with rebar. I always thought rebar was a fairly recent (probably starting when construction went from brick to cement in the late 1800's (just a guess)), and I had always thought of those most holy shrines in the middle east has being several hundred years old.

The picture:

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Motorcycles and guns! What could be more fun?


Thanks to Louis for the link!

[WTF, LJ?!?!?!?! Once again, I'm posting as usual, and a random post get's a fucked up post time. I posted the WhiteHouse post about 20 minutes ago, not 9-fucking-PM tonight. WTF is up with this? I'm not adjusting the date/time the browser provides, and LJ is getting it all fucking wrong, making it so I have to clean up after it's fucking mess.]
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Quantum computing makes my head hurt...

From Digg:
Using an optical-based quantum computer, a research team led by physicist Paul Kwiat has presented the first demonstration of "counterfactual computation," inferring information about an answer, even though the computer did not run.

From the article:
By combining quantum computation and quantum interrogation, scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have found an exotic way of determining an answer to an algorithm – without ever running the algorithm.

Read it and feel your brain turn inside out.

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