June 8th, 2006

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Welcome to Adam Cinema!

Some modified movie titles that fit my mental malaise today:

  • Desperately Seaking Susan Focus
  • All The President's Men Bright Shiny Things
  • Kentucy Fried Movie Attention Span
  • Four Weddings Yawns And A Funeral WTF
  • The Fast Slow and the Furious Tired: Tokyo Consciousness Drift
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Questions so far:
Anon #1: Do you like men?

Some of my best friends are men.

Anon #2: So, how many licks *does* it take?

I think research is needed, all in the name of science, of course. With that in mind, come on over in a lab coat, and nothing else.

Secrets so far:
Anon #1: I like men.

That would explain the husband... ;)

Anon #2: I'm confused right now. Baltimore is not where I need to move to.

I think all the residents of Maryland wish there were not their either. But, on the plus side you can visit all the set locations for the various John Waters movies! Who can say "no" to Cecil B. Demented?
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Anon #3 Question: What's at the back of your underwear drawer?

Ah-ha! I have no underwear drawer! My closet is a large walk in one with lot's og shelves, and I use the shelves instead of drawers. But, and the back of my underwear drwaer is... Some lint? Actually, I want to make a WWII propoganda style sign entitled "Commando Time!" to put under the undies, to be visable when I run out.

Anon #3 Secret: I need to take a shit, like, NOW!

And you are typing LJ comments instead?!?!?! Priorities, man! Priorities!
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Anon #4 question: How many times do you expell gas (either mouth or bottom) every day?

Can I count that high? I drink a lot of soda during the day, so I'm belch'o'rific all day long. But I do try to be subtle about it.

Anon #5 question: What's your favorite insect?

I'm kind of partial to more colorful beetles. Beetles in general seem to have almost mammalian instincts, like fighting for mates like deer or elk. To sometimes beetles working together to move large objects, but with out a hive mentality.

Anon #4 secret: Secretly, I sometimes think of packing up in the middle of the night and running away to another county/country/state and become a new person with a new family and new friends.

I've known many people who have done that. Some times it's worked, but most times tey are really running from themselves, as they get to a new place and they starting hanging out with and dating the same sorts of people and fall into the same patterns, and pretty soon they have the same problems/annoyances they originally ran from. Moving can be good, if you can make it good.

All that a side, I'm in Seattle and always looking for new friends. :-)

Anon #5 secret: I'm more concerned about impressing my parents with my tan than with my grades.

You tan?!?!?! ;)
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Count de Monet: It is said that the people are revolting.
King Louis XVI: You said it! They stink on ice!

-- History Of The World: Part I

Seattle is a very politically active city. But is it too much so? It seems like there is something being protested everyday. This has me wondering if this is true. If so, when was the last full 24 hours without some protest taking place? If not, in the last 10 years, what the longest stretch of time without protests was?