June 9th, 2006

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I'd like to point out that mine is the first one!!!


In other news, from the college kids to the crack heads, there are some weird conversations I hear nightly, as people walk past my pace. I would love to start an shout/ice cast server to stream the weird ass snippets of conversation.

Another sign of how close I live to frat row: Two stores within four blocks have huge signs out front advertising how they sell cheap kegs. Seriously, these are the biggest signs they have.

One thing I miss from film photography... I loved the plastic film canisters. Such handy little airtight containers.

It's awesome pushshove is back in town! :-D TV geekiness to ensue!!!

The land lord saga continues. Wednesday I called him about getting the laundry room key and asking when he would get started on the carpet painting, and his response, "Oh, sorry I totally forgot about you." WTF?!?!?! That night he came over and got a sample key from on of my roomies and said he would tape the key to my door yesterday. I got home, no key. So I called and left yet another message. I love the house and the location, but damn, this is getting annoying.

And I think the USA's first game in the World Cup is Monday at 9am Monday on ESPN2. Hmmm... I wonder if it's being webcast, and I can some how watch it at work?
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Slyly lifted from piscesophelia's journal:

YOU *C A N *O N L Y *T Y P E *T W O *W O R D S !
N O *E X P L A N A T I O N S !

Two Word Survey:

  1. Yourself: t3h s3x0r!!!
  2. Your car: pimp mobile
  3. Your Hair: bed head
  4. Your mother: In Portland
  5. Your Father: With Mother
  6. Your Favorite Item: yumy brains
  7. Your Dream Last Night: x rated
  8. Your Favorite Drink: Diet Caffeine
  9. Your Dream Home: very spacious
  10. The Room You Are In: 5th Floor
  11. Your Pet: Badass Boris
  12. Your fear: rejection
  13. What You Want to be in Ten Years: International Playboy
  14. Who you hung out with last nite: t3h Hotness!
  15. What You're Not: out playing
  16. Your Best Friends: Kick ass
  17. One of Your Wish list Items: Hook ups
  18. Your Gender: All man!
  19. The Last Thing You Did: Got fluid.
  20. What You Are Wearing: Jeans t-shirt
  21. Your Favorite Weather: Mostly sunny
  22. Your Favorite Book: Good Omens
  23. The Last Thing You Ate: Tully's Muffin
  24. Your Life: Very mysterious
  25. Your mood: bouncy mcbounce
  26. The last person you talked to on the phone: t3h Hotness!
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Anon #6 question: How good are your eyes?

Sparkly, green, and twice legally blind.

Anon #6 secret: I love my boyfriend but I hate his name.

Call out my name during sex and tell him it's your new pet name for him.
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Anon #7 question: Which place do you like better, where you're living now or the Bay Area?

I think it's too soon to tell, as I'm still getting my bearings here. But I LOVED the Bay Area. In particular peoples attitudes there. It was just so insanely expensive.

Anon #7 secret: I have a small internet crush on you.

*blush* So how do I make it a huge internet crush? ;)
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It's the Friday Five! I expect soshesays will be all over this one.

  1. What is (or would be) your dream vacation?
    Drive the Pan-America Highway.
  2. What's one thing no vacation can do without?
  3. What has been the best trip of your life so far?
    Burning Man.
  4. Who was with you on that trip and what is the role of that person in your life?
    John, who's one of my best friends. He manages to make damn near anything fun.
  5. What's the worst thing that can happen during a vacation?
    Dying. You can recover from anything else and have a great story to tell later.
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Anon #8 question: what's your best personality feature?

Either how laid back I am, or how much I like doing stuff for friends.

Anon #8 secret: I like mangos as foreplay...drippy juice, feeding each other...

Not to cold. Not to hot. Just a little sticky. and oh so yummy!
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A protest at the University Village Apple Store (amoung other places) tomorrow.


Basically people are protesting DRM (the encruption that makes it so that if you buy a song from itunes, you can only play it on your iPod, and not share it.

Part of me thinks DRMis what makes the labels comfortable enough to let Apple sell music online, but another part of me cringes at how poorly DRM's are implimented.

Anyway, if you hate DRM's, get your protest clothes on and head out one of the Apple Stores listed in the article.
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One more reason I need to get cable ASAP... The BBC has a new series called "Hex" that sounds almost like a Harry Potter spin off (school of witches, phantoms, and other occult things in England. All the drama/comedy of growing up with a little magic tossed it). The reviews I read sounded pretty good. A Hogwarts in London, with writing like in Buffy.

In other news, Lost Season 2 does not come out on DVD until October 3rd. Why does ABC hate me so much?

Why yes, I am a sappy fan boy. :-P