June 27th, 2006

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Two things. First, it's hotter here than in Cairo, Egypt. Second, I obviously get my typing skills form my Father.

I got this message from him this morning:

From: Donh
To: Adam, Libby, Kelly, Dan, Linda, Catherine
Subject: Cairo

90 degrees. But it's a dry heat. We have security in can with is. I guess because we are Americans they will stay with us all the time
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On the plus side, it should be far cooler today, though how warm it already was on my walk to work, I'm having doubts about that. Anyway, it was in the mid 90's yesterday and today should be the mid 80's. That means I should be able to get some sleep and Boris should be less grumpy.
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Plan A) I save money and get a good AC unit prior to the next eat wave and have a sleep over at my place for all my friends lacking AC (read, just about everyone one).

Plan B) Refer to Plan A.
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I've been lacking the words to discribe this awesome place Emily showed me over the weekend. I think I'm still short on adjectives, but I'll give it a try.

She told me she wanted to show me a troll village. I sort of assumed it would be someone who filled their garden with gnomes that have punk-rock hair.

Oh, how I was wrong. As we drive over a hill and I see a castle in the distance, and then a huge open-air structure with the support poles carved like trolls. And as we drove, all the houses in the neighborhood had all the exposed wood carved into trolls, from foor tall totems for fence posts to faces lining the sides of houses. Some grinning, others grimacing, a couple picking their noses. And a few in a frozen dance.

The sun had just set so I didn't have enough light for pictures from a moving car, but I do have my memory of faces playfully peaking out everywhere you look.

This place was awesome.