July 25th, 2006

Conspicuous Consumption Party

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A) Emily rocks!

B) I love my deck.

C) MirrorMask was very cool.

What do these things have in common?

Last night we got back to my place and it was an oven, so Emily suggested we move the TV/DVD outside, and drag the futon matress out there. So we sat out there with a bottle of wine, enjoyed the cool evening and the stars and watched MirrorMask and the first episode of Lost (I'm trying to get her hooked on the show).

It was a lot of fun. Now I'm thinking an outdoor movie viewing party would be fun.
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Weird... LJ must further compress images when you upload them.

When I first uploaded my current icon I noticed it had a punch of jaggies, so I slightly blurred the image, saved it to a new name and uploaded the new file. In gimp the two versions look very different but after I upload them they look identical, like the image was further compressed and that returned the jaggies as a compression artifact.

Anyway, I got it from here:


It looked like Rev. Bob Dobbs (Church of the Sub Genius), so I grabbed it.
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So... No suprise, Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy, etc, all sold out of AC units. They wouldn't sell their floor models, which sadly sent me home to a roasting appartment. The scary thing is, most of the stores, even if they order it for you form the warehouse, has a two week wait on delivery. It's that way all over the nation right now. I expect the second hand A/C market is really heating up right now. Got an old jankity A/C unit in your garage that barely runs and you could give away before? I'll bet you could sell it for good money right now.

The even scarier thing, how all the stores are also sold out of simple things like fans.

Oh well, today is cooler. I would like to see a week or so of cool weather so the stores can restock, and then I could get an A/C unit. You think it's hot now, we're not even into August, which is traditionally the hottest month of the year.

Yea global warming!
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Since I've started going to Port Townsend on the weekends, I've noticed something on the ferries. There must be some rule that if it's sunny and dry, the first sport bike off the ferry must do a wheelie as soon as they are on the first straight-away out of sight of the police.