October 30th, 2006

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Wild and woolly weather!

This weekend was fun!

Friday night at the brewery. Some excellent live music and good people.

Saturday night we had an amazing spaghetti dinner with a friend and then went to the costume party at Water St. Brewery. I was kind of surprised how drunk everyone was when we go there, let alone by the time we left. Emily was one very hot cow-girl. I was Pimp-alicious, with a "diamond" capped pimp stick, the bling, and the purple velvet suit and hat with leopard print accents.

Sunday we picked up Lael's kids so she could study, and we went to on a hike, and half way through the hike it started snowing, then hailing. We then went and did a corn maze. You had to find 12 points in the maze, and if you found them all, you got a $1 coupon (good for a pack of candy corn, apple cider, or a 4lbs pumpkin).

Sunday night we went to the brewery, which is fast becoming my favorite event of the weekend, as it's always low key, people just hanging out and chit-chatting.

And everyone weekend I come back thinking Emily is even better and better.
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Humans VS. Robots

I was on the ferry last night, trying to get a rest without actually falling asleep, and I was thinking of movies that sort of fit together in the Humans vs robot genre.

First the Terminator Series.

Then I Robot and the Animatrix eposide covering the robot rebelion and maybe Blade Runner.

Then The Matrix.

And finally Dune.

The Terminator Series starts prior to computers gaining self awareness and after the robot rebellion starts, with time travel back to kill the humans before the waar. Blade Runner is a mismatch as it seems more in the future (and space travel) than I Robot or the Animatrix, but it covers having to hunt down and kill the occasional rogue robot (replicant).

I Robot and the Animatrix cover the start of the Robot Rebellion.

The Matrix is post rebellion.

And then in the distant future, after humans have been slaves to the robots, and the rose up and over threw the robots, and banning all "thinking machines", we have Dune.

Any other suggestions for additions or modifications to the future Human vs. Robot time line?
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Anything going on Tuesday night, or should I just box my costume up now?

Come on, y'all. You know you want to boogey down on All Hallows Eve.
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Okay, TeeVee peeps! Heros: Good or Bad?

I keep hearing how great it is, but I tried watching last weekend and was bored with the "Save The Cheerleader" mantra. Was that just a lame episode or is that representative of the show?