February 8th, 2007

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My dream girl is coming to town!!!!

Janeane Garofalo

Seattle, WA
Showbox Theatre

(limited seating available)
date: March 29, 2007
price: $35.00 *
doors: 6:00pm / show: 7:00pm
ages: 21+
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Damn it. Yesterday I saw this really cool image on LJ, and now I can't find it.

It was a panoramic image, but up-and-down instead of side to side, and the top on bottom of the image are views of a road. As you pan to toward the center of the image you see sky, then stars, then planets, then space ships, then sky, then road again.

I was thinking of doing something like that for a flier, but now I can;t find the image.

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Please Help

I need help moving two pieces of furniture down on flight of stairs, into the back of my truck.

I don't need help unloading it on the other side.

Pretty please?

If nothing else, it will help you get over being depressed about Anne Nicole Smith's death.