February 24th, 2007

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A color version. I know they can't use color, but it was just screaming for some colorization.

And the source image of Jim Kelly:

I don't really capture his menacing glare (I think I should have arched the eye brows, and maybe added furrows on his forehead), but I'm still pleased.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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So, I had heard good things about the movie "What The Bleep Do We Know?" I mistakenly picked up the sequel, "What The Bleep Do We Know: Down The Rabbit Hole". I tried watching the other day, but shut it off 15 minutes into it, as it starts sounding like a "marriage of religion and science" and i expected it to end up being a spiel on creationism, etc. So I gave it a second try to day, and it was actualy pretty good, though very LLLLOOOONNNNGGGG. I kind of feel like it would have been better broken into episodes.

Anyway, if you have a few hours to kill, I suggest going it a try. IMDB reviews say this one is just a rehash of the first movie, so I'm not sure I'll watch it. But watching at least one would be good.

The discussions of religion is about meditaion and spirituality in that we are one with our surroundings, not on god or individual views on god.
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Your Birth Month is April

You are trustworthy and highly ethical in all facets of life.
Helpful and steady, you are able to solve any problem.

Your soul reflects: Bliss, playfulness, and curiosity

Your gemstone: Diamond

Your flower: Sweet Pea

Your colors: Yellow and red

You Are a Smart American

You know a lot about US history, and you're opinions are probably well informed.
Congratulations on bucking stereotypes. Now go show some foreigners how smart Americans can be.