March 8th, 2007

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The cheesy horror movie waiting to be made...

Imagine, if you will, a game where millions of people get online and battle monsters and each other.

Now image the company that makes this game hired a young Haitian as a coder. No imagine the young coder is in love with a woman at work, but the boss, who treats her like shit, romances her and steal he away form our young Haitian. So the coder hatches a plan to get back at his boss by bringing down the company. He goes back to his voodoo roots and codes in a mystical spell book that when read ties the character and those near the player into the game. Tied in where your health really is tied to the game. You can't leave the game, and if your avatar takes damage, so do you.

The idea being that if players start dying from the game, the company will go under.

To make the spell, the Haitian had to tie himself into the game as well, so the players caught up in the spell have to find and kill the Haitian's avatar. Oh course, being one of the coders, his character will have god like powers in the game.

I can see Bruce Cambell starring and Sam Rami directing.

With all the MMORPG's out there and fully penetrating pop culture, you know it's onlya matter of time until someone makes this movie.
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Let's see the bastards spam my image site now.

All the spam if doe the same company, using the hostname of I turned the "bad words" filter on in coppermine,and replaced the "bad words" with some well known spam sites and xoomer. So their comments should now be blocked for good.
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Gripe #435823547739.123132-a.23.f-(sub-sect 4.9g):

Catty people who claim people are a waste of oxygen/space/whatever when the catty person will likely never achieve the level of success the person they are bitching about has.

Case in point. Someone posts a picture of Mischa Barton's legs looking flabby, and some colostomy afterbirth, going by disco_balla, posts:

Most useless waste of flesh and bones ever?


When disco_balla accomplishes more than getting the "frequent customer discount" at the planned parenthood clinic, they might have room to talk.