June 14th, 2007

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While drooling over this car, I was wishing there was efficiency and environmental impact ratings for electric and hybrid cars.

Some things people forget when they look at electric vehicles is that most electricity in the U.S. is made from burning coal, which has a very negative environmental impact. Even hydro electric dams have an imact, from warming rivers, to destroying fish runs, leaking oil, and causing rivers to silt up due to stopping spring floods.

Then you have the materials in the vehicles from the caustic chemicals in the batteries and electronic components, to the rubber tires and plastic/fiberglass shells. Or the heavy metal trailings form the mining of the raw materials.

And what is the envirnmental imact if the car is in an accident and the several hunderpound of batteries break open, spilling their ontent into the street and down the drain, to then flow into the local water shed?

I love cars. And I'm all for green technologies, but I must admit, I doubt electrics and hybrids are nearly as green as buyers are led to believe.