July 5th, 2007

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Wow! I reported on of thos epson bluetooth things trying to spam my image server. The IP address it comes from is owned by ovh.net. I sent the mail and withing 5 minutes all traffic from that spammer stopped!

Wow!!! Color me impressed! :-D
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Pictures from yesterday...

I work ing the Bellevue City Center Building. The company I work for has a deck on one of the upper floors, so I went there with a few coworkers to enjoy the fireworks display. We're just a few blocks from Bellevue park, and we could also clearly see the Gas Works fireworks in the distance.

I got there early for some sunset pictures...

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So, how was y'alls 4th?
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You're California!

In many ways, you are larger than life and almost defy description. You
certainly love to shake, rattle, and roll with the best of them. You have a generally
sunny disposition, but are capable of resorting to harsh extremes when pressed. You are
more likely than most to become rich, or famous, or perhaps both. While you have the
golden touch in so many regards, your respect for actors is a little over-zealous. This
endless faith in actors needs to be terminated.

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

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Damn... You move to the east side and suddenly you suck balls. Unfriended, people don't respond to e-mails, invites and inquiries on journals and blogs go unaddressed. Is it just me or has the world turned anti-social over the last couple months?

So... Anyone want to hang out next week(end)?