July 6th, 2007

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I need to stop before I break the scooter. I keep looking at performance to get an extra couple HP out of it. Then I think og how I would make of of people trying to sup up Honda's instead of just buying a better car in the first place.

But with just $1200 in parts I might be able to get it up to 90mph...

I think when I pay this off, I will be selling it for a motorcycle. I should talk to brokenchains' man meat (J), girl_on_a_stick, and my boss prior to forking out the money for a bike. But it's at least a year out (possibly 2, as I want to go to Africa next year), so this discussion will wait till I get closer to that time.

So far the topics of discussion, based on their experience...

  • reliability (this will be a primary commute vehicle)
  • frame size (something that fits a 6'4" frame, is small enough for urban conditions, but big enough I could comfortably ride to PDX.
  • engine size (my ego says 1200c, my brain says 600cc)
  • New vs. Used
  • Range to expect (I'm guessing around $10k, which rules out BMW)

Finally, before I get myself a ticket, anyone know the rules about riding with earphones? I know in cars it's illegal to where earphone or anything else that can ubstruct your hearing. But I often see people on bikes listening to their iPod while riding. I'd love tunes while I ride, but I'm not sure if that's asking for a ticket or not.
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A couple has a 7yo daughter. The daughter has a genetic condition that will likely make her infertile. So the Mother would like to freeze some of her eggs for the daughter to use, should she ever decide to have children.

Sounds like a good plan to me. The daughter, should she decideto use them, will have eggs of her own genetic background. And there have been sister to sister egg transfers for this sort of thing. And yet some jackasses wanting to make a name for themselves are claiming this is unethical. That this will confuse the baby as to whether it's mother is it's mother or it's sister. WTF?!?!? At least the child will actually know it's lineage, and not wonder who it's "real" parents are.

I think the doctors raising a stink over this need to be slapped up-a-side their heads until they pull their heads from their asses and breath something other than their own rectal fumes.

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Should any of you consider buying HP Proliant Servers, I have this advice to you...

Go with the DL3XX series, and avoid the DL1XX series like the plague.

Our 3XX's are rock solid and have great coherent design throughout. The 1XX's were designed by monkeys on nitros. We've got over 30 3XX's and all but one has worked great. We bought 5 from the 1XX series and only 2 worked out of the box.

Not only that, the ergonoics of the case designs are worlds apart. The 3XX's has an intutive use to use lid, everything is easy to reach and it comes with the on an only tool you need for it in the case. The 1XX's are hard to open and the case design makes it so you need a screw driver (not included) just to get the ethernet cable unplug from the the first ehternet port.

Seriously, I could go on for hours. I'm assuming the 3XX's come from HP proper and the 1XX's are from shitty hold over compaq group, but that's just my guess.