August 1st, 2007

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Games in journals...

I'm missing the days when people would host games/challenges in their journals.

brokenreel used to do the movie quote game. A couple other people were doing trivia games. We had the best boob/cock competitions.

Even some of the interactive bah-bah's, like the 5 Questions bah-bah, were fun. But they seem to have become passe, and I miss them.

What brought this on? I was looking at the responses to me random songs on iTunes your mp3 player and I thought it would be fun to have themed mix-tape challenges. Like each month the players need to submit a 12 track mix tape. Ideally it would include links to the mp3s, so we could all listen, but that would be illegal.

How it would work out is roughly the first of the month you get a choice of themes. By the end og the month you post your track listing.

If this looks like something you would want to take part in, let me know. If enough people want to play, I'd be happy to host it.