August 20th, 2007

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For those in PDX (or going to be there this weekend), this weekend is the Adult Soap Box Derby.

This is a fun event and highly recommend it. My Dad's company have a team (The MICE Display Works team). If you're there, be sure to give them some good-luck beer. :-)

Anyway, they are using the same cart they had last year, but modified. The wheel base has been extended and a few other mods. In testing it got upto 40 mph. That's a 10 mph improvement over last year.

Piloted by Scott!
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Direct quote from the just published REAGAN DIARIES.

The entry is dated May 17, 1986.

'A moment I've been dreading. George brought his ne're-do-well son around this morning and asked me to find the kid a job. Not the political one who lives in Florida. The one who hangs around here all the time looking shiftless. This so-called kid is already almost 40 and has never had a real job. Maybe I'll call Kinsley over at The New Republic and see if they'll hire him as a contributing editor or something. That looks like easy work.'
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Wired to the wheel and bound to no one
fire up the engine down the fences go
free dance about the blacktop the back route
there's always a way out where there's a road

--Excerpt from Where There's A Road by Sam Bush

I'm fighting a major case of wander lust. I just want to load up my backpack and the scooter and go explore back roads through the country side for an indefinite amount of time.