October 9th, 2007

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I asked for greatness of my back, it delivered, and now I need a vacation.

So I was helping get The Bull off of the trailer before the parade on Saturday. Charlie and I were lifting the tongue of the trailer, when Charlie had to dive to get some wood out of the way of one of the wheels, supporting all the weight without warning. At the same time, the vehicle was pushed back (toward me). All in all I wrenched my back.

Yesterday I was back to 90%-95% when I helped a couple co workers move some desks.

I need to lay off my back for a few days. Pain killers wouldn't be bad either. Right nor. I'm just stretching it a lot and trying to keep it moving so it doesn't freeze up.
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The first brass etching is almost done!

I've been busy and had to put it aside a for a week or so, but I had just done the etching a couple weeks ago and it looked sort of okay. Well, Friday I sprayed on the primer, and last night I sanded it down and the first one looks awesome. I've spray painted it with the black paint last night and a second coat this morning, so tomorrow it shoudl be dry enough to sand it down a list time, clean it up a little, and then polish it.
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Last night I got the pictures online. I have not had time to rotate the ones that need it, nor have I had time to delete the blurry ones, but you should be able to enjoy a few pictures.

For those that don't know, the Kinetic Sculpture Races are human powered vehicles that are wildly decorated and have to go across pavement, over water, through sand, and through knee deep mud. All the vehicles are hand made in people garages, so you need not only good physical strength, but some excellent engineering abilities to compete.

Anyway here is the events:

The order of events:
Friday night:
  • Live music at Water Street Brewery [Pages 1-2]
  • Burlesque show at Sirens. [Not work safe, pages 2-7]

  • Vehicle check-in [Pages 7-13]
  • The parade. [Pages 13-18]
  • Vehicle safety checks (the run the vehicles down a hill to see if the breaks work. Then put them in the water to make sure they float) I had to help Marylin go get the life jackets for her sculpture, so I missed the break check. [Pages 19-21]
  • The Masquerade Ball. in the past I was told no cameras were allowed, so I didn't bring mine, but there were a lot of people there taking pictures. Also, I was reminded what an insidious thing jello shooters are. Wow.

  • The drivers talent show (all teams must do a skit/song/talent and pay homage to the new Queen). Also the new Rosehips Queen is crowned. [Pages 21-31
  • Sobriety test. This year the teams had to do a chicken dance to prove they were sober enough to drive their vehicles. Personally, I think it would take a few drinks to get me to be willing to do the dance... [Page 31]
  • The road course. Go from down town Port Townsend to Fort Warden [Page 21-32]
  • The sand course on the beach at Fort Warden.[The water and sand legs happen back to back at the same place, so the pictures are inner mixed. Page 32-42]
  • Water course off of Fort Warden. Normally the water course is second and off of Down Town, and a lot longer, but the winds were way to strong to they moved it to the sheltered boat launch at Fort Warden.
  • The the sculptures were pedaled over to the fair grounds where they did the mud bog. I think only 4 vehicles could make it through the bog this year. It was just dumping rain, so I had to put my camera away before any vehicles entered the mud. :-( [Page 42]
  • Then ride back to town. [Pages 42-43]
  • The award ceremony. [Pages 43-49]

And that about does it.

My pictures:

The Port Townsend Kinetic's Page:

And the main Kinetic Races Page:
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Last post before I go home and watch Yellow Submarine... Today would have been John Lennon's 67th birthday. One can only wonder what it would have been like if Yoko hadn't broken up the band.