October 15th, 2007

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Interesting... Individual people can buy carbon credits.

This service let's oyu buy carbon credits to off set the carbon output of your vehicle:


This is and admirable and cool thing, but I have to wonder about the effectiveness of it. The Chicago Carbon Exchange releases a set number of carbon certificates a year. Each certificate represents an about of carbon exhaust. Companies voluntarily sign up and enter contracts where they have to buy credits each year and are limited to the amount of certificates released that year.

In theory, I think this is a cool thing. In practice, given that membership is voluntary, only companies already willing to be green are doing it, and the worst environmental offenders just laugh at joining

I suspect the CCX, at least in the U.S., will be lame duck until states or the federal government makes membership mandatory for doing business in that state or in the nation as a whole.
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Amtrak is on crack. No two ways about it. I thought under their new leadership the company was supposed to be whipped into shape. Sadly my issues getting tickets today prove they are still fucked up in their own special little ways.

The back story... My parents call yesterday and let me know that we're having Thanksgiving at my Grandfathers and I need to be there.

So this morning I go to Amtrak's website and try to get a ticket for the 21st to PDX and it gives me tickets for the 22nd (which I didn't notice the date difference) and bought. So I go back and look and sure enough, it says it can't find me a seat on the 21st. Crap. So I try the 20th and it says it can't find me tickets on the 20th, but then says, "here, we have these tickets availabe on the 21st." WTF? It just told me it had no seats available on the 21st!

So, in the end, I got the right day, but damn, what a fucked up system.
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My other irritation of the day. (Let's blame Mercury in retrograde. It's as easy as any for me being in a pissy mood.)

So my parents, a few months ago decide that we're just doing Christmas, not Thanksgiving. Fine. I would be an orphan for Thanksgiving and invite fellow orphans over for a feast. Then They were supposed to visit in October, but then put it off to November. I said said, "sure, come on out for Thanksgiving at my place." I didn't hear anything back. Then over the weekend they tell me to run out and buy tickets because Thanksgiving is at my Grandfathers this year.

Mind you, I have never had my parents out for the Holidays. They have been out to visit my sister for Holidays, but I always travel to them. And we've had Holidays at my Grandfathers many years over, though not in this particular house, and not since being remarried. But still, many times we've had it at his house (which ever house that is) and this would have been a first for me.

So, I get the invite in first. It will be a first for me. And I get bumped and I'm now having the "pleasure" of fighting Amtrak over tickets to make it.