January 23rd, 2008

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Here is a geeky question....

I have a large number of linux systems with a lot of ram. A lot of the ram is not used. I also have an unused network on the second ethernet port.

I would like to create ramdisks of 8Gb each on these systems (theses systems have 16-32Gb of ram in each of them), and then finds someway to export them across the net as a block device, like using iSCSI, to then RAID together into one fast network drive. The idea is it will be slower than a local ramdisk, but faster than a normal harddrive. Unfortunately, it doesn't looks like a ramdisk uses or creates a /dev/ block device.

Anyone ever tried this?
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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What a morning....

Lilly had a vet appointment this morning at 8am, but I needed to get there a little early, as it's her first visit and I was going to have paperwork to fill out.

So I go out to the truck at 7:30, start the engine, put Lilly in the truck, get the ice scraper, and close the door of the truck.

I scrape the ice off the windows and then notice Lilly locked the doors.

Luckily shaebot's bedroom windows was open, so I cut open the screen and hopped through the window.

I then searched the house and I could not find the spare key.

I end up having to call a tow truck to slim-jim the lock. We get to the vet about 8:45.

We get to the vet, and Lilly, who is normally very mild mannered, wanted nothing to do with the vet. She cowered behind me and tried her best to keep her butt to the wall or the floor. We finally corralled her so they could take her temp, which she squirmed and whimpered through the whole thing. After that, every time the vet came near her, she snapped at her, so they had to put a muzzle on her.

They wanted to then draw some blood to test for heart-worm. I told them that test would have to wait. Lilly was really freaking out.

After all that, I actually feel kind of guilty for taking her to the vet. And leaving her home alone after all that.

Some data points... She is actually only a year and a half old and she only weighs 130lbs. She should grow till she's 3yo. And we're going to experiment with brushing her teeth, as she has some tartar build up on the back teeth.

And I found out there is a self grooming place up Bel-Red Rd, so in a couple weeks she'll be getting bathed.