March 25th, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I feel kind of stupid right now. After con, and seeing all the various steam-punk blasters, I knew I could do better. Be it making a copper clad air bazooka, or just a pistol. I decided to start with a pistol, as that would be easier to haul around. I got a 2' length or 1" diameter copper tubing and a conduit bender. I wanted to do a smooth bend in the tubbing to make a smooth body to hilt transition without sharp edges. Then I would flatten the hilt to a more natural feeling oval shap and pound in grooves for the fingers. Unfortunately the radius on the conduit bender was to wide for my needs and the tubing crimped on the inside because the radius was to tight for the tubing. I'm going to get a couple more pieces of tubing and try cutting and soldering the sections together. and also I'm going to try filling the tube with sand, heating it up with a torch and see if I can do a smooth, but sharper bend.

But, back to the stupidity, I should have just looked at the conduit bender and known the radius was to wide. I just had a plan in my head, and a bunch of enthusiasm, and I didn't clue into the visual clues this wasn't going to work.