May 22nd, 2008

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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The LiveJournal Advisory Board election is today.

I strongly endorse jameth. Through this campaign he has endured slander, false accusations, and verbal attacks. Through is all he has kept his head above the fray.

jameth is a THE free speech candidate. Not conditional free speech. Not "free speech only if you agree with my speech". But true free speech. Other candidates claim to be for letting you say what you want, but when it came to having a pre-election debate, they refused to take part and had banned other candidates (I'm looking at you, rm). That is NOT free speech. That is hate, censorship, and a desire to control what you say, hear, and read.

jameth also has a long history of working with communities in his local government (Originally Seattle, and later San Francisco), and of doing public service, like volunteering to help those recently diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He is out spoken. He has gone toe-to-toe many times in the past with Live Journal, and he is still here and posting afterward. He does not troll, but he is willing to point out when someone is being an idiot.

SUP, when taking over Live Journal, did mass deletions of journals and communities based on false accusations of a religious group. SUP did not investigate, they just silenced people. This is the kind of thing jameth can help put a stop to. Your journal is yours. Your words are yours. You should be able to use them as you want.

Please vote jameth, and do not let the censors in sheep's clothing win.