June 26th, 2008

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A plug-in that AIM needs....

It would be cool to use AIM to share iTunes. AIM would act as a proxy, so you could see your friends iTunes library in yours, and they could view yours. And then you could listen to each others libraries.

Mind you, for how often people pop in and out of AIM, it would suck to have your listening pleasure truncated, but some sharing is better than no sharing.
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Did you ever make those paper bag hot air balloons? The ones where you use a tea candle to power it?

I would like to do those this 4th of July, but I am wondering a) What kind of fire risk do the pose for people living down wind of me, and b) are they legal to launch.

They are beautiful to watch, but I don't want to randomly fire bomb people living in their travel path.
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Trying to lose weight...

I do a lot of physical activity, but I eat horribly. To try to improve my diet I am reducing my meat in take to one meal a day with meat.

That is down from just about every meal being meaty.

I've been upping my fruit intake a lot (it was almost non-existent before) and a slight increase increase in salads, which I did eat fairly regularly.

One thing I eat way too much of, that I do need to reduce in my diet (which will be harder for me than reducing meat) is ice cream. I am an ice cream fiend.

My sister is mostly vegetarian. She occasionally has white meat, but that's about it. She has pledged to cook for me when she moves in, which will make the meat reduction easy to maintain.

But, again, the ice cream will be hard to resist. I just about made a blueberry pie last night and get a tub of ice cream for Dr. Who night tonight. Luckily I was able to show some self control.

I don't have a scale, but I'm guessing I weigh in at 265. I exercise a lot (walk several miles a day, and some informal weight lifting every couple of days), and I have plenty of muscle under the fat, so I'm guessing a good target weight will be about 220lbs fr my 6'4" frame, but I'll play it by ear.
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A sign Washington == The Boonies...

This drink sounds good:


So I do a look up of elderflower-liquor, and the only think I can find is St. Germain.

I then go to the Washington State Liquor Council web page and look up where I can find this liquor. Turns out I can't. It does not exist in the state of Washington.

Dear Washington, it is my liver. Please let me abuse it as I see fit. K? Thx! Bye.