January 12th, 2009

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Stuff around the house...

So, to get ready for the shut-off of analog broadcast TV, and wanting a flat screen so I could wall mount the tv and get some valuable floor space back, I bought a 40" Toshiba LCD. It should arrive this week.

Also the neighbors water heater sprung a leak, which resulted in people crawling through my ceiling crawlspace. Luckily no feet through the ceiling yet.

Also the heater element on the clothes dryer went out, and it's such an old dryer we couldn't find a replacement, so it is getting replaced later this week.

In case you are curious, a set of queen sized sheets and two towels takes approximately 10 hours to dry in a dryer without a heating element. No shrunken linens, though!

It's odd how you perceive things in the best light. I was measuring my old 32"-36" tv so I could estimate the size difference between it and the new tv. rns out the old TV was only a 27" model. The new tv is wide screen so I went bigger hoping the screen height would be about the same. So due to my not knowing the real size of the TV, I over bought a bit. If you are curious, the new height and width should be about...
Height = (40/sqrt((9^2)+(16^2)))*9 = 19.61044958530235889450
Width = (40/sqrt((9^2)+(16^2)))*16 = 34.86302148498197136800

So 34.9" x 19.6" as opposed to 22" x 16.5" for the old TV.

Oh, and my pet peeve today... A combination of pet peeves actually... For some reason flash caches old files so I sometimes see old crusty tube videos from a while ago in place of the new videos people post. Not that bad, I just miss out on some content. But then add pet peeve number two, when the flash files auto-play with audio. Now get that stuck in the cache and for the next day or so every video people post to their LJ comes up as this cached auto-play noise maker. Sadly, this appears to be flashes independent cache, not firefox's, so clearing the cache does not help.
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One last question concerning my TV and HD broadcast...

I doubt the TV comes with an antenna. So this brings the next question of what sort of antenna do I want?

First, is the broadcast line of sight, like FM? Or is it bounced off the ionosphere like AM? The reason I ask, is I see different antennas have different strengths, so in theory I could get an antenna with a 50 mile range and get tv from Bellingham and Tacoma. (possibly even Canadian broadcasts for hockey and softcore porn! ;) )But I live in a shallow valley, so the line of sight to the very distant signal towers would not be there if I forked out the extra money for a stronger antenna.

Second, I don't want to drill holes in the walls as I'm renting, but there is existing coax for the non-existent cable (I loath Comcast, so I refuse to buy there service. Hopfully someday I'll be able to get Verizon's FIOS). Could I use that cable to have an outdoor antenna, or should I be happy with just an indoor antenna?

Third, do you have HD broadcast? If so, what antenna do you use, and would you recommend it? Is there another model/brand you would recommend? What should I look out for when buying an antenna?

Turns out old fashion rabbit ears and a uhf loop work great.

Still... Canadian TV is sounding good...
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It's like a weird variation of Stephen King's The Mist.

Looking out the windows, there is a fog bank surrounding our building, keeping about a 1/2 mile buffer between us and the fog in all directions.

I'll report when the monsters start snacking on coworkers.